Thursday, December 20, 2012

Teacher Homolka: Rumour or Reality?

"Schoolgirl Killer" now a teacher?
Surely, this cannot be...

In her $3 e-book Finding Karla, Paula Todd made a strong case for why she ventured to seek out 
Karla Homolka, the woman who had reportedly fled to Guadeloupe with her new husband and child after serving a controversial 12 year prison sentence for her role in the sex-slayings of three Ontario teenagers.

Bloggers were now reporting that Homolka was teaching schoolchildren in the Caribbean. Karla Homolka teaching children?
[...] If there was a chance she was teaching children, many Canadians would want to know. And the only way to know was to find her.

Indeed, they would. Presumably, concerned parents in her new country of residence would want to know, as well. An estimated 65000 - 70000 copies of the 38-page booklet were purchased online; clearly, the public was eager to learn what "Karly Curls" was up to. However, after speaking with Homolka in person, Todd seemed convinced that the Teacher Karla myth was as good as debunked.

"Are you teaching? Are you a teacher?" Quickly she shakes her head and looks away. Something there. A disappointment. A slight embarrassment, perhaps. Earlier she'd complained to me that it was impossible to get anything official done on the island. "You have to know people," and apparently she and her husband do not.
[...] she's now a housewife trapped with her kids in a cage she built herself.

Maybe I am wrong, but I get the feeling that there is something Paula Todd isn't telling us just yet about her encounter with Karla Homolka. From where I'm standing, the numbers don't quite add up.

I found it somewhat troubling that Ms. Todd felt so compelled to investigate the reports that Karla was teaching that she took a leap of faith in travelling halfway across the world based on the word of online  "stalkers, sleuths, and gossips." Yet, with the mere shake of Homolka's blonde head, the globe-trotting journalist quickly dropped the bone she had carried with her all the way from Canada, apparently satisfied that her burning question had been answered.

So... Is there any truth to the reports that Canada's Most Hated Woman is now making a living as a teacher of young minds?

Just this morning, I pulled together a few things which contradict Todd's decidedly inconclusive findings. The following snips are from social media profiles known to belong to Karla Homolka. 

On one site, she posted:

Posted 11/18/2010
well, I have given birth twice. [...] With my second, I was up pretty much immediately and went home a few hours after having her.  I was back to my normal routine the next day and started teaching 10 days later.

Posted 06/30/2010
i'm emily and this is my third baby, the second of which will be born naturally. [...] i'm 40 so i'm also ama.  i'm a esl teacher and make and sell cloth diapers.  i'm a natural mama all around.

Posted 08/27/2009
What did you want to do for a living when you were a child?  Did you go into that career? If not, what did/have you done instead?  i wanted to be a vet, then an rcmp officer and a wife and mother.  i was a vet tech for a while, never a cop and am a wife and mom.  i am also an esl teacher and do translation.  And I'm a WAHM.

And on another:

Posted: February 24, 2012
CRAP! I'm at work and just now got to the computer. Stupid tests taking up the computer room!!!!
Posted: December 19, 2009
I got another teaching job. I teach ESL at a private school, well, two private schools now. I've got a line on another job teaching english for the Chamber of Commerce. I really hope I can get in there because they pay extremely well. Not that I have much free time to work anymore though, lol.

Although Homolka (non-verbally) denied that she was working as a teacher during her surprise interview with Todd, she has identified teaching as her profession numerous times, in numerous online forums. As recently as 9 months ago, she complained that "stupid tests" were preventing her from scooping up limited-time offers on the web.

Please note that it took me all of about five minutes to prepare the examples listed above; I'm sure I could include a host of others if I had more time ;)


  1. THANK YOU!!! for posting this.

    I don't get what's up with Paula Todd who appears to be - to all appearances - actively misleading Canadians AND Guadaloupians(?) re: what Karla is up to. Just can't understand why someone would want to actively provide cover for a sadistic serial sex killer (even if that's not what's on her official criminal record, we all know that's what she is).

    It's either very shoddy reporting, or enabling &/or collusion.

    Either way, thank you Miss Kitty!

    1. /\ ITA, Anon. I suspect that there is more to come from Paula Todd on the subject of Karla Homolka. The only reason I can think of to explain why she chose to expose nothing in her expose is that she is cooking up something bigger. I suspect the ebook was rushed out the door to cash in on the bogus Magnotta link while he was at the top of international headlines; I figured more would eventually come.

      Guess we'll have to wait and see :)

  2. Thats pretty much what pysses me off about post prison Karla -- teaching. The woman should never be exposed to kids.

    OT, but kinda interesting : saw a post on a parenting forum re: spanking. Karla doesn't spank as she's against violence or something.


    1. You're right; Mama Karla doesn't spank, as violence is just fundamentally wrong -- and it only took watching the life drain out of 3 beautiful young girls for her to come to this!

      She also boasts about how opposed she is to the "cry it out" technique; she has even suggested that mothers who allow their children to cry in their cribs are guilty of child abuse.

      She sure has a lot of opinions on what constitutes abuse -- I guess she's had ample practice...

  3. Her kids are going to be completely screwed up. What a terrible situation she's put them in.

    1. I don't know. Those kids are 50% Homolka, and I'm not sure that it's even possible for a Homolka to feel emotions like shame, regret, remorse... When they do eventually learn what their mother has done, I'm sure they'll be fed the Homolka version of the story, which accepts zero blame for anything that occurred during the Ken & Barbie Killers' reign of terror.

  4. I also can't believe she's allowed to teach children in Guadeloupe. Do they not know her past? I wonder if she lied to get her job. They must have done a background check on her...or maybe not. Hard to imagine they are that desperate for ESL teachers, that they would allow a rapist & murderer to teach their children.

    1. All good questions... Unfortunately, I have no answers; I think it's bat shit crazy that she's able to make a living teaching children. With a lawyer for a sister in law, I'm sure a number of doors were opened for her that wouldn't have budged for anyone else.

  5. I heard, but have no citation that she teaches adult ESL.....but idk at all and I have no citation. I also figure if her hubby and his family are all in the field of law its not too hard to hide or change certain facts from employers...whos going to argue with a lawyers wife?

    1. ITA, Anon; she's managed to place herself quite nicely with respect to her new "family." Personally, I think the fact that Bordelais is now Aunt Sylvie to Karla Homolka's children reeks of conflict of interest. I would have thought that lawyers would be advised against such actions as inducting clients (especially those convicted of murder) into their own families.

      You're also right about her teaching *mainly* adult ESL; however, her paper trail also shows that she has been involved in teaching youngens, as well. It is my sincere hope that there is enough information available about who Homolka was, and who she is presenting herself to be now that Guadeloupeans are able to make informed decisions about who they allow to educate their children -- and themselves.

      Thanks for your comments!

  6. and has anyone yet confirmed her diagnosis as psychopathy??? have we fixed that medical error yet?

    1. I think her "diagnosis" will continue to remain unspoken. To have released a murderous psycho/sociopath/violent narcissist back into the herd after a measly 12 years wouldn't look very good on paper. It appears as though her actions are easier for people to digest if they view her as a normal woman who was beaten into submission rather than a strong female in control of her own destiny.

  7. Does anyone know if this evil pedophile of a mother is still in Guadeloupe? Or if she is still active online (b/c she's an arrogant, remorseless sociopath who can't keep her narcissistic, self righteous opinions to herself)? She must be showing off her 3 kids Noah Aurelie & Loic Bordelais somewhere online & dishing out parenting advice under a pseudonym because she is such an expert who has many positive things to offer the world after abducting raping & killing all those girls.

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