Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fireside Chat (Transcript)

Veteran crime reporter Nick Pron worked the Bernardo/Homolka case, and was in the courtroom when the sickening videotapes were played; tapes that showed the couple discussing and committing unspeakable acts upon three innocent teenage girls. Although those seated in the gallery were unable to see the video, the audio soundtrack provided more than enough light (for lack of a better term) by which to view the horrible scenes of which the pair were accused.

The following transcript is taken from one of the video segments, which came to be known as the "Fireside Chat." While the only people featured on this particular video were Bernardo and Homolka, it was of great importance because it not only detailed their involvement in the death of Karla's sister, but also their planned future attacks. 

Full transcript after the jump!

Fireside Chat (Transcript)

From Nick Pron's Lethal Marriage
(Page 488)

The first scene had been taped in the basement recreation room of the Homolka house not long after Tammy Lyn's death. Karla Homolka was on her back, lying on a rug before the fireplace, naked, her legs spread wide apart while she masturbated for the camera, which was positioned a few feet away, at about knee level, and pointed directly at her vagina.

Bernardo is directing her, telling her she is using the wrong hand. Karla appears happy and under no duress. 

Bernardo joins her on the floor with drinks, leaving the camera unattended. 

Homolka : "Oh, I get so horny when my husband is with me."

Bernardo : "Do you want any more to drink?" 

Homolka : "Sure." 

Bernardo : " A bit more to drink, and then I'll sit back and relax." 

Homolka : "Here you go." 

Bernardo : "Okay." 

Homolka : "Let me suck your nipples." 

Bernardo : (lifting his drink to the camera in a toast) "It's tough to be the king." 

As Bernardo lies on his back, Homolka pulls his pants off saying, "Get rid of these... we don't need them." 

Homolka : "I love you Snuffles."

"I loved it when you fucked my little sister," Homolka said to Bernardo, who was lying on his back beside the roaring hearth, moaning softly while she rubbed his penis. "I loved it when you fucked Tammy. I loved it when you took her virginity. 

Bernardo : "Hmmmm."

Homolka : "You're the king." 

Bernardo :" That's a good point." 

Homolka : "I love licking your ass, Paul. I'll bet Tammy would have loved to lick your ass. I loved it when you put Snuffles up her ass." 

Bernardo : "Did you like watching?" 

Homolka : "I loved watching it." 

Bernardo could be seen reaching for his drink while Homolka continued to fondle his penis. She did it for several minutes, but he never climaxed. He took a sip from his drink, glancing at the back of her head while she worked on him, and asked about her thoughts on the night Tammy died. "How did you feel?" 

Homolka : "I felt proud. I felt happy," 

Bernardo : "What else?" 

Homolka : "I felt horny. It's my mission in life to make you feel good." 

Bernardo : "This is why I'm gonna marry her," Bernardo said, looking at the camera and holding up his drink while Homolka continued performing fellatio. "Sköl to the king." 

Homolka : "I'm glad you made me lick her cunt," 

Bernardo : "Are you a fully fledged dyke?" 

Homolka : "No, I'm not." 

Bernardo : "You were having sex with your little sister." 

Homolka : "That was different. It was my little sister," she replied, stroking his penis. 

Bernardo : "Love in the family. Do you believe in that concept?" 

Homolka : "You know I had fun doing it. You know I liked it." 

Bernardo : "What did it teach you?" 

Homolka : "Well... we like little girls, I like you to fuck them. If you're gonna fuck them, then I'm gonna lick them. All the little girls." 

Bernardo : "What age should they be?" 

Homolka : "Thirteen." 

Bernardo : "Why?"

Homolka : "Because it will make you happy." 

Bernardo : "But why 13?" 

Homolka : "That's a good age." 

Bernardo : "Because why?" 

Homolka : "Because they'll still be virgins." 

Bernardo : "What are you saying?" 

Homolka : "I'm saying I think you should fuck them and take their virginity. Break their hymens with Snuffles. They're all our children, and I think you should make them ours even more." 

Bernardo : "You're right. You're absolutely right. That's a good idea. When did you come up with it?" 

Homolka : "Just now." 

Bernardo : "You told me something about it before. Is it because Tammy is gone?"

Homolka : "It's the closest thing we can get to her. I would think that's part of the reason. But I also think we should make them ours."

Homolka reaches into a bag and pulls out some of Tammy's undergarments. She rubs them over Bernardo's face and body. "It's Tammy's," she said, handing him the bra. He smelled it while she began stroking his penis with the underwear, before resuming the fellatio. A few minutes later, when he still hadn't reached a climax, she stopped and continued talking about her dead sister.

Homolka : "I want to rub Tammy's underwear all over your body. It will make you feel so good. I'm so glad you took her virginity, Paul. Do you remember that--taking Tammy's virginity in July and then you raped her again in December, only I was with you this time. Our little virgin. She loved us. You know, I loved it. I didn't give you my virginity so I gave you Tammy's. I love you enough to do that. I wish we had four kids, Paul." 

Bernardo : "Yes?"

Homolka : "So you could fuck each one of them. How does the king like that?" she asked, stroking his penis rapidly with her sister's underwear. 

Bernardo : "Yeah," he replied, in obvious pleasure.

She continued for serveral minutes, but when he never climaxed, she said, "I think the king should turn over." 

He did as he was instructed. 

Bernardo: "Okay," 

Homolka : "Because his little slave has some more things to say and do." 

Bernardo rolled off his back and got down on his hands and knees while Homoka positioned herself behind him. Then she probed with one hand for his asshole and began licking it while she stroked his penis with her other hand. She did this for several minutes, and he moaned in pleasure, at times calling her his "little asslicker."

When he failed to reach a climax, they changed positions yet again. 

Bernardo lay on his back again and rested his hands behind his head. Homolka took a long-stemmed rose from a nearby vase and dragged it slowly across his chest, and then up and down his errect penis. "You know what we're gonna do with this?" she asked, holding up the rose.

Homolka : "We're gonna take this to Tammy's tomorrow, and put it on her grave." 

Bernardo : "Why is that?" 

Homolka : "Cause this is giving you pleasure. It is touching you in intimate places... whoooo careful! Soft and silky."

Homolka : "You loved her. She loved you. You were her favorite, you know. The things that you did, you know I loved it. The way you fucked her in what, 60 seconds? She loved it. She loved it." 

Bernardo : "Your titties are bigger than hers." 

Homolka : "I know." 

Bernardo : "And they taste better. "When Tammy was alive, what did you used to do?" 

Homolka : "You made me lick it, and suck it. And now I'm doing it on my own because I loved it, Paul. I loved everything you did with her. She was our little playtoy." 

Bernardo : "And we both loved her so much." 

Homolka : "Yes. Our little virgin. She loved us." 

Bernardo : "What else?" 

Homolka : "I didn't give you my virginity, so I gave you Tammy's instead. I loved you enough to do that." 

Homolka then talked about another time Bernardo had brought a young girl home and had sex with her in the basement of her parents' house while she watched. "You fucked her," Homolka said, "with this." 

Homolka : "We did something a few days ago. We raped a little girl down here in my room. You went out and you found her. Got her. Brought her back to the house, brought her downstairs. I was shocked. I gave you that. I let you do that because I love you. Because you're the king."

She gazed at his penis, tenderly stroking it. "You fucked her cunt," she said. "She sucked you. She sucked Snuffles. She put it in her mouth, like this." After more minutes of oral sex with no climax, she continued: "You put her on her knees. You fucked her. And I let you do that because I love you, because you're the king."

She rubbed his penis for several moments before saying, "I want you to do it again." 

Bernardo : "When?" 

Homolka : "This summer, because the weather is too bad in the winter. If we can do that then it's good." 

Bernardo : "Good."

Homolka : "If you want to do it 50 more times, we can do it 50 more times. If you want to do it every weekend, we can do it every weekend. Whenever we can. Because I love you. Because you're the king. Because you deserve it." 

Bernardo : "Virgin cunts for me," 

Homolka : "Yeah." 

Bernardo : "Virgins just for me. It'll make me happy... going from one cunt to another, from one ass to another. Will you help me get the virgins?" 

Homolka : "Yes, I'll go in the car with you if you want, if you think that's best. Or I'll stay here and clean up afterwards like I did on Sunday. I'll do everything I can because I want you to be happy. Because you're the king. I've got another surprise for you too. There is someone upstairs... someone awaiting you."

Bernardo still hadn't climaxed. Homolka shifted down toward his feet. "Ooh, footsies," he said. 

She started sucking on his toes, first one foot, then the other. "Got to treat the king like a king," she said. 

Bernardo : "Good. And what else?" 

Homolka : "I'm your little cocksucker. My nipples are so hard. I'm your cunt. Your little slut. Your little asslicker. Your little keeper of virgins." 

"It's good to be king," Bernardo said, looking at the camera and raising his glass again. 

Homolka licked the soles of his feet. "I'm your cunt-licking slut," she said, "the keeper of your virgins. Your ass-licking whore. And I love you. I want to marry you. Now let's go upstairs and see who we're being visited by tonight." 

[Scene cuts toTammy's bedroom on the top floor of the backsplit home]

The video flashes to a hand drawn poster and sweeps around. 

Bernardo : "Here's my baby's room. " 

Homolka : "Tammy Lyn Homolka's room." 

Footage of Tammy's waterbed, rag dolls lying on pillows and her closet, still full of clothes. 

Bernardo : "Think of Tammy. I'd look at her outside this window, she was in the pool. Of course the blind was broken thanks to moi, so I could watch her change. This girl's too much. My little virgin girl. There's her closet. And her typewriter and the mirror she used to change in. And her waterbed." 

A frame sized school picture of Tammy and two smaller photos appear before the lens. 

Bernardo : "Okay, there's my baby, right there... focus here. Focus it right. There she is." 

Another picture of Tammy is shown. 

Bernardo : "This is my little virgin there, Kar.. I loved her so much. So nice and warm. Hi Tammy!" 

Bernardo lies on the bed naked. Karla appears from the right side of the camera, dressed in a black blouse and grey skirt and hovers above him. She is pretending to be Tammy. 

Homolka : "I am your little virgin. I'm glad Karla doesn't know about us. She'll never know." 

Karla continues her dialogue mimicking Tammy's voice and asking Bernardo if Karla suspects he took her virginity. While she performs various sex acts Bernardo has a bored look on his face, looking at the ceiling or at photos of Tammy. 

Homolka : "Tell me you love me."

Bernardo : "I love you Tammy." 

He appears to orgasm saying, "Oh Tammy, I love you." 

Homolka : "I love you Paul." 

Bernardo gets up and moves to the camera without acknowledging Homolka at his feet. 

As Karla looks past Bernardo into the lens, she smiles and waves at the camera. 


  1. I wanna punch this bitch in her cunt.

  2. Punch hard; I would imagine it has taken on the appearance and texture of a well-worn football at this stage in the game.

    1. Ahahaha! How did I miss these comments! :)

  3. All the senseless murders in the world and no one has managed to beat this piece of shit's head in with a hammer yet? I hope there's a hell for these two to reside in.

  4. LMAO @ Anon!

    Couldn't have said it better myself.

  5. This bastard monster needs a MASSIVE punch in her cunt!!! GRRR!!!!


  6. id like to see those cunts get fucked by a bear with an electric food blender for a dick.

  7. Oh, my!

    Dare I say: best death wish ever?

  8. What The Hell , This Freaks Must Die . How an She Do This To Her sister!! She's such a Bitch ....

    1. Don't forget: it's Mama Bitch now!

    2. Sad enough. She should be sterilized! Before she gave birth!

  9. This is absolutely unbelievable! I cannot even fathom how Karla could even do this to her poor sister. She literally worshipped Paul like he was her God. It is so obvious in this transcript that Paul could give two shits about her. All he wanted was to take as many virgins as he could under his control. Karla was nothing to him... hence the fact he could not even climax even thinking of her. I am sure this was a continuous struggle for Karla throughout her entire relationship with him. This is nothing but Satan's best right here.

    1. I couldn't agree more, Anon! Paul wasn't faithful to Karla the entire time they were together, and she was well aware of this. She obviously figured that the only way to keep him in her life was to go along with his sick and twisted compulsions.

      Throughout her statements to police, she insisted that she was powerless to stop him or he would have killed her. Funny, none of the women before her who found Paul's behaviour strange were murdered or even harmed. I have always believed that Karla could have walked away if she had wanted to... but anyone with even half a brain can tell that she simply didn't want to. She freely chose to not only remain in a relationship with a prolific rapist, but to assist him in his criminal activities.

      For what it's worth, I think Karla -- on her own, without Paul's help -- killed all 3 girls, including Tammy Lynn. She bloody well knew that Paul's Christmas Eve rape on Tammy wouldn't be a one-time thing. In Karla's eyes, Tammy was a MAJOR threat to her so she made sure to eliminate that threat, plain and simple. It was the same with Leslie and Kristen; she hated how much Paul liked the girls, so she eliminated them, too.

      I think it was much more about killing off her competition than it was about evading the authorities.

    2. Tammy suffocated, it was not intentional.

      Karla had 17 when she met Paul. She was too young to see in what she was getting into.

      Paul is a smart guy, he knew how to keep Karla under control. He threatened her, threatened her family.

      Karla is smart too, and only is alive because she was smart. She kew that arrest Paul for rape would not keep him arrested for too long.

      People want to judge her but have not experienced the things Karla experienced.

  10. Makes perfect sense and I could see that as a possibility as her being the murderer amongst the two due to her jealousy. I also think it is possible that he may have been getting bored even with just raping the girls as it took him a long time to climax with some of the girls he was with.. or so it seemed from reading some of the stories of the different girls he had raped and what had happened. Maybe he needed something extra to excite him more and because Karla was jealous anyway because she wasnt enough, she went along with it because she thought he would love her more if she did. Just a thought.

    1. "Maybe he needed something extra to excite him more and because Karla was jealous anyway because she wasnt enough, she went along with it because she thought he would love her more if she did. Just a thought."

      Very insightful! I, too, think that Karla thought that her willingness to participate in Paul's madness would make her more attractive to him. In reality, I believe it made her less attractive; Paul was turned on by young, innocent, naive girls -- the polar opposite of Karla Homolka.

  11. I agree wholeheardedly Kitty. I think he loved the fact that he could share is grotesque way of life with someone, but when it comes down to it.. he wants nothing more but to take the most precious of things from the innocent.

    1. Right... and since Karla was anything but innocent, she could never hope to hold his attention. She didn't want to lose him (because he made her the envy of all her friends), so she served as his accomplice in order to ensure she remained in her life.

      She says he threatened her constantly about telling everyone what she helped him do to Tammy, but it could have very easily been the other way around. Maybe it was her threatening him with exposure if he didn't continue to go along with the Ken and Barbie romance thing that she was so desperately afraid of losing?

  12. What. The. Fuck. That has to be, without a doubt, the most lame, rediculous porn film ever created. I've seen some really, really bad porn, but this cunt couldn't get a horse turned on. Hell, she couldn't even turn Paul, a hibitual sex offender, on until she pretended to be her dead sister. What a waste of Oxygen. I hope she gets some horrible, flesh eating disease. That takes a decade or two to finally kill her. Useless cunt. And those poor kids she's given birth to. Do they know how horrible of a person, and actress their mother is. Tsk, tsk Karla. Pathetic.

    1. I don't know if a flesh eating disease could do much more damage than the years already have. The last time she was photographed in Montreal, she was looking less like a human and more like a ventriloquist's dummy :p

  13. In police interviews Karla claims she drugged & raped her little sister because Paul kept "bugging her" & that it would be "just that one time" (as if that makes any sense). Well we all know that is complete & utter bullshit. It was a game to both of them, they wanted to keep drugging & raping young girls. Also I'm not sure why Karla has aged so terribly, given her light sentence & comfortable "college dorm" accommodations at Club Joliette, not
    to mention the coddling she received while in prison
    & from the Elizabeth Fry Society after her release. How many chances can someone be given??? Apparently if you're Karla Homolka - not enough.
    Her weathered appearance must be due to the truth of her soul (or lack thereof) showing through.
    soul (or lack thereof) showing through.

    1. ITA, Anon. Well, I agree with everything you've said up to the part about her weathered appearance being a result of "the truth of her soul showing through." Given that Karla clearly has no concept of terms like "soul" and "truth," I think it's far more likely that her catcher's mitt face is due to spending altogether too much time in the sun.

      According to the letters she wrote to Stephen Williams, all she did in the big house was lie around, suntanning -- especially in KP4W, which contrasts rather boldly against her claims to have been afraid for her life there.

  14. the picture that they put in her casket... man, that picture is scary...

  15. She is clearly sadistic and without remorse....And the authorities let her go?????Let her have kids???? What if she has abused her kids????This is unbelievable...

    1. This is what happens when normal americans don't watch enough television

    2. They're not Americans. They're Canadian. Not that it has to do with anything, it's just the truth.

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  17. I cant believe it...
    Such an evil person like Karla has to be rotting in jail right now,obviously with paul,both of them together.

  18. what I don´t understand the harder I try, is why many more pwople, a huge crowd, don´t rise our voices about the utterly unfairness of this case. One of the most horrible criminals of our time makes a strange deal, a real manipulation on her part, and gets 12 years in prison where she played, studied, wrote letters, had fun, and pretended she had nightmares because of what she had done, But gets free, marry and has Children not to feel too bored, travels and has a business Selling baby items! But she will Always be a monster. She placed a photo of herself and Paul laughing in the coffin of Tammy laying dead. Unbelievable! The film KARLA doesn´t render the details of the story and start by showing her as a victim, it is so wrong. One should invite all Young peoplre to see the videos and warn them against people like her and Paul B. That would have been more usefull. Not make a sensation out of it. And I don´t take serious the opinion which wants to persuade us that pedophiles, and perverted criminals should be encouraged to keep pets in prison, to have the number of kids they wish when they are out, to change their name and pick upp a spot on the Earth where they can hide and continue to manipulate their srroundings. It is a shame on this king of judgement.

  19. I hope she get's outed everywere she goes,she doesnt deserve to live in peace ,the family's she destroyed will forever live with the pain she caused. karma comes round eventually.

  20. "Do you remember that--taking Tammy's virginity in July and then you raped her again in December, only I was with you this time"

    What? Were Tammy raped two times? What does she mean?

    1. Yes. They raped her twice. They spiked her spaghetti dinner back in July with drugs and Paul raped Tammy. But Tammy started to wake up so Paul wasn't able to ejaculate inside her.

  21. Crying and about to throw up at the same time......

    Put this woman back in prison!!!!

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