Monday, December 17, 2012

Howdy, Miss Kitty!

Howdy, Folks!

Just a quick note to make my new Blogger account official... From here on in, I'll be posting and responding as Miss Kitty. I decided to make the change due to convenience issues with the login; rest assured, I am still me. 

Or, maybe I'm not? You just can't trust anybody these days! ;)


  1. Love the name change - and great icon.

    Unfortunately I'm old enough (just barely) that your name brings up images of Gunsmoke...

    1. Hehehe, thanks! Who doesn't love a good Western? My father helped me develop a palate for them :)

  2. Miss Kitty,

    I like it. Maybe you could modernize it and be Ms. Kitty... just an idea!!! I haven't written in awhile but check out your blog everyday!!!

    Yay no more babe dourceur! I can only hope it is backlash that caused this. It is sickening that a murderer of children gives parenting advice and peddles baby products.

    Your Faithful Reader,
    Timmy (my moniker derived from the coolest cat I ever had!! Meow!)

    1. Awww, why thank you, Timmy! I once had a very special cat, too; his name was Oliver, and there will never be another like him! He was so smart, and snuggly, and resourceful. Alas, he didn't want to live the indoor life I had planned for him, and he ran away some years ago. He's probably running his own company by now :)

      Methinks the shut-down of the online store may be due in large part to the unintended interest in the site, but it looked like she was winding down anyhow as her children are almost out of diapers. Now that she's no longer making them in large quantities for her own kids, I doubt she would have much interest in keeping it going. Her Hyenacart store of the same name has been inactive for quite some time; it's still online, but not open for business.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. Ahhhh, Timmy did the same.. I wanted him to live indoors but he had other ideas. He was been gone since late September very sad. Perhaps he and Oliver will meet up.


    1. I looked for that little man for a year... Almost caught him once; someone responded to my LOST poster, and we found him in somebody's back yard. We tried to wrangle him, but he simply didn't want to be caught. I felt better after that, like he had made his own decision. Still miss him like crazy, though.

      Oliver and Timmy are tipping tiny steins of beer together somewhere, I know it :)

  4. I miss your site and WKH has gone to pot. Is there a new blog you are aware of? Timmy