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Karla Homolka 'haunted' by victim on BabyCenter

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With the recent anniversary of the murder of Kristen French, I have been thinking a great deal about the strong and beautiful Ontario teenager who was robbed of a long and happy life at the hands of serial sex predators Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka.

Those who have followed the Bernardo/Homolka case closely may recall that Karla believes in ghosts, and at one time contacted a psychic in order to help get rid of unwanted voices and other noises coming from the basement of the house she shared with then-husband Bernardo. 

Unaware that teenager Leslie Mahaffy had been raped, murdered, and then dismembered in the basement of 57 Bayview Drive, spiritualist Lori Disenthio advised Karla to pour ammonia down every drain while asking the spirits to leave. She also recommended that Homolka keep an amethyst stone in her pocket to "absorb all the bad" around her. Homolka is reported to have said that following Disenthio's instructions eliminated the disturbances for a while, but that the voices and noises eventually returned.

Knowing that Homolka is a believer in the possibility of spiritual hauntings, I would have loved to have been a fly on her wall when she logged into her BabyCenter account one day back in 2008 to find a user named KristenFrench responding to some of her posts there.

Even before WatchingKarlaHomolka sleuthed her out as on the popular parenting message board, a mysterious user using the name of one of Homolka's victims had also succeeded in putting together the fragments of self-identifying information left here and there by the net-savvy murderer-turned-mom. 

KristenFrench responded to several topics that Karla was involved with, making it clear that she had made the link between the serial predator and her decidedly benign alterego,

KristenFrench responded to only three threads on BabyCenter (all on the same day), and then disappeared just as mysteriously as she appeared:

KristenFrench, BabyCenter Profile

Karla gives "friendly reminder" on hurtful remarks.
Heaven, help us.

KristenFrench fires back at bully "Emily," point-blank!

KristenFrench shares her due date, which just happens to be the date
that the real Kristen French was lured by Karla Homolka to Paul Bernardo's car.
She was murdered three days later, on April 19.

More Information...

News media article regarding the local psychic Homolka contacted in order to exorcise her home at 57 Bayview Drive.


  1. Random stranger first time with an intelligent post buha !
    I posted already on some other articles but my posts equaled more or lesd bo sense . Every night i cant sleep i go onto this site to get more familiar with this whole case . Buha . The first time i ever heared of this was wen i watched through some youtube videos of a tv show which reviewed crimes . At first i was shocked like 99% of all normal people would have been . But when time went on i got more and more familiar with the case and when i got more familiar with it i got fascinated . You can be fascinated by something in the negative way . Its possible :O . Dont blame me on being a psycho . Im scared when im the only person in a dark room ... I will get scared by anything a 5yr old would be scared to. But this all does not give me any angry , sad , threatening feelings / emotions . Maybe its because of that that im not the most emotional person on the planet . i hardly get excited of thing , normal people do . I dont laugh at semi funny jokes either . Ok i gueds im a bit weird not to call me special . But im not social awkward as the reader might think ;) . Back to topic . those things may be a factor that i think different on this case like others might do. As all of you english pros already noticed english is not my native language ;) . Reader if you made it to this point . Congratulation you now read tge opinion on a insane crazy what evaaaaryou wanna call me , person . The funny thing is that i know my opinion and view on this is crazy / insane , any adjective that fits in that group , but thats how my brain thinks ;) . Ok uhm wow that was alot of shit up there and my tone isnt the most polite one in the world :3 Why am i more fascinated than angry / frightened : I read through alot of documents to understand their (Karla and Bernados ) reasoning s they had during comitting those crimes . I think like this " There are some things i thought about doing and i planned the exact procedure in my head ( not that i plan crimes all day . lets look on something like "i have no money the person in front of me has his purse hanging out of his pocket" , i think about stealing it but i know i miss 20% of courage to do it , then i think that there ateast must be 1 person outside that is sicker , tougher , grittier ... than me and if that person was in that situation he would do what ever you think about and planned in your mind . My english is terrible i try to male it more understandable when i read through it again. I dont want to go into details would be a pain for you to read . Why im more fascinated than shocked ? Dont get me wrong when i say "rapings are nothing special anymore" i wish all victims nothing more than a better life and feel with them even if i cant do nothing for them . But what drives a woman to physical rape a loved person because the love to a man drove her to ? What was wrong with that woman what caused it what power had the man and what mental disorder is needed to perform those things. Me as a " kinda " normal person could never do such thing but im trying to understand them . People say that there is no way to understand those cruels . But every person has a reason to do things , may it be eating something or commiting a crime . Its that easy . You cant say "yeah they are crazy lock them and eat some tasty buritos (senseless)" You have to try to look into their heads and put yourself in their places. Most interesting for me was the dialog after they killed Tammy and had es e eks SEX . This shows her and his true character . meooow mission first intelligent comment "failed" try better next time . I still hope 1% of the reader gets my view on this . We also can talk in german and i bet you understand more than this super bad english text tells you ;)

    1. Aww, I somehow missed this when you first posted. Thank you for your kind words, and I am proud to have held the attention of a seeker of understanding such as yourself.

      Happy New Year :)