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Karla Homolka and the Devil

Karel and Dorothy Homolka were the proud parents of three beautiful girls: Karla, Lori, and Tammy Lyn. The family settled in the town of St. Catharines, Ontario, and – up until Christmas Eve 1990 – led a decidedly normal and unassuming life.

Karla Leanne, the eldest of the three sisters, seemed obsessed with the notion of happily ever after since early childhood. She treasured her collection of Barbie dolls, and would often dream about one day having the perfect husband, the perfect home, and the perfect life, just like Barbie.

Fate struck the petite blonde at the tender age of 17, when she met her now-infamous match, Paul Kenneth Bernardo, in a hotel restaurant. Karla and a friend from the pet store she worked at were staying at the hotel for a business convention. Paul walked into the restaurant (also with a friend), and sat down at the table with the two young girls. After a hot and heavy flirtation session, Karla took Paul upstairs to her room, and they made passionate love while their friends awkwardly observed.

The fact that Paul was six years her senior only seemed to heighten Karla’s infatuation. Paul was handsome, charming, educated, and career-oriented – precisely the kind of man that she had been dreaming about; the kind who could give her the story book ending she had always pictured for herself. If Karel and Dorothy Homolka had any issues with their daughter dating an older man, they quickly resolved those issues in favour of welcoming Bernardo into their home and family. Dorothy took to affectionately referring to him as her “weekend son.”

Unfortunately for the Homolkas and so many others, Paul Kenneth Bernardo was not all that he appeared to be. Since puberty, Paul had developed a rather strong taste for voyeurism, and was caught a number of times for peeping in his neighbourhood. The harder he tried to satisfy his increasingly-strange sexual urges, the more desperate his cravings became. On May 4, 1987, he committed his first known rape. By the time he and Karla began dating, he had already committed a number of rapes and other sexual crimes against women. By September 1995, he had come to be known as the Scarborough Rapist. 

Bernardo alleges that, early on in their relationship, he asked his young girlfriend what she would think if he told her that he was a rapist. Reportedly, Karla’s response to him was: “That would be cool.” Eager to impress her older and more experienced boyfriend, Karla produced a set of handcuffs and suggested that Paul use them on her. She also let him gag her, put a dog collar around her neck, and engage in strangulation play while they had sex. Although Karla was willing to do just about anything to please Paul, a sexually-experienced teen wasn’t quite what he was looking for. Paul Bernardo was into virgins.

Karla was not a virgin when she met Paul, and nothing she said seemed to make him forgive this. When he approached her about his desire to deflower her youngest sister, Tammy, Karla reluctantly agreed. He told her that she owed him, because she wasn’t able to give him her own virginity. He also told her that, if she didn’t help him get what he wanted, he would just take Tammy, anyway. He was becoming a rather prolific rapist, after all…

Karla was working at a veterinary clinic, and had unrestricted access to a number of surgical-quality sedatives. Ultimately, she settled on Halothane, an inhalational general anaesthetic that she had seen the veterinarian use to put animals to sleep before surgery. She stole a supply of the drug, thus setting the unthinkable plan into action. On December 23, 1990, Paul informed Karla: “we’re doing it tonight.” 

Karla laced her baby sister’s spaghetti (Big Sister’s specialty) with sleeping pills that she had ground to a fine powder. The family then indulged in a few rounds of Christmas Cheer. Because of Tammy’s age, and the fact that she probably wasn’t accustomed to drinking alcohol (only on special occasions), nobody seemed concerned when she began slurring her speech and claimed that she was seeing double. When the rest of the family prepared to retire for the night, Tammy insisted that she wanted to stay up to watch a movie with Paul and Karla. Together, they watched approximately 20 minutes of Lisa and the Devil before Tammy passed out unconscious. Karla and her deviant lover wasted little time in going about their plan.

Paul raped Tammy Lyn repeatedly, in a variety of ways, while Karla held a rag soaked in Halothane over her little sister’s nose and mouth. In the clinic where she worked, they used sophisticated medical equipment to ensure that just the right amount of the drug could be administered (too much could be dangerous), but for their purposes on that fateful night, the rag would simply have to do. The last thing that Karla wanted was for Tammy to wake up while Paul was raping her. Karla urged Paul to use a condom, and to finish quickly, but he ignored her. After he finished raping Tammy, he instructed Karla to commit a series of sexual acts upon her unconscious sister. Initially, Karla refused, but Paul was persistent… 

By the time the attack on Tammy was complete, Paul and Karla had a home movie by which to remember the occasion (Paul taped everything). They also had a major problem on their hands: Tammy began to vomit, and to choke, and then she stopped breathing. Paramedics were called to the Homolka residence, but Tammy could not be revived. Tammy Lyn was dead. The autopsy on her body was conducted poorly, and as a result, her death was ultimately ruled an unfortunate accident. Paul and Karla were in the clear.

Less than two months after Tammy’s death, Karla wrote the following in a letter to her friend, Debbie Purdie:

Fuck my parents. They are being so stupid. Only thinking of themselves. My father doesn’t even want us to have a wedding anymore. He thinks we should just go to City Hall. Screw that! We’re having a good time. If he wants to sit at home and be miserable, he’s welcome to.
He hasn’t worked except for one day since Tammy died. He’s wallowing in his own misery and fucking me! It sounds awful on paper (but I know you’ll really see what I’m saying).
Tammy always said last year that she wanted a forest green Porsche for her 16th birthday. Now my dad keeps saying: ‘I would have bought it for her, if I’d only known.’ That’s bull. If he really felt like that he’d be paying for my wedding because I could die tomorrow, or next year, or whenever?
He’s such a liar.

Karla and Paul moved into their own home; a dreamy, pink clapboard house on Bayview Drive in the nearby town of Port Dalhousie. Karla dutifully attended to wedding plans in her time off from the veterinary clinic, while Paul became more and more involved in an “easy money” cigarette smuggling operation with his friend, Van Smirnis.

On the night of June 15, 1991, Paul was driving around looking to steal some license plates for his smuggling business when he spotted a young girl, 14 year old Leslie Mahaffy, hanging around in the darkness. They talked a little; she told him that her parents had locked her out of the house for breaking curfew, and asked him for a cigarette. Paul forced her into his car, blindfolded her, and took her back to his house on Bayview.

Leslie was held hostage for 24 hours, while Paul and Karla repeatedly raped, tortured, and humiliated her. Paul’s trusty camcorder hummed in the background, recording the teenager’s degradation for posterity. The following day, Bernardo claimed, Homolka fed her a lethal dose of Halcion. Homolka claimed that, instead, Bernardo strangled her. The pair put her body into their basement.

The next day, Dorothy, Karel, and Lori Homolka joined the soon-to-be newlyweds for Sunday dinner. After Karla’s family left, Paul dismembered Leslie’s body with a circular saw, and encased the pieces in cement. Together, Paul and Karla dumped the remains in Lake Gibson. A little more than two weeks later, Paul and Karla were married in a lavish ceremony at Niagara on the Lake. Leslie’s remains are uncovered by a couple of unsuspecting fishermen that same day.

Now with two dead girls, and a growing list of sexual assaults under his belt, Paul is still unsatisfied. On April 19, 1992, Paul and Karla go out driving in search of another teenage “sex slave.” They encounter 15 year old Kristen French on her way home from school. She had long, brown hair, and was dressed in her school uniform. Karla reportedly suggested to her husband: “What about her?”

Paul seemed quite taken by Kristen; she was held captive at 57 Bayview for three days, enduring the same sort of torture that had befallen Leslie Mahaffy. Paul and Karla took turns holding the video camera while Kristen was repeatedly raped, beaten, and defiled. Paul forced Kristen to say that she loved him. He also forced her to watch her parents on television, pleading for her safe return. Kristen did what she could to please her insatiable captors in the hopes that they would let her go.

On April 19, Kristen’s spirit was set free. Paul claims that Karla killed their captive while he was out picking up dinner for the three of them. Karla testified that she stood in the room and watched while her husband strangled Kristen with an electrical cord. However it happened, Paul and Karla left her where she lay while they showered, dressed, and headed off to enjoy Easter dinner with the Homolkas. Upon their return, they washed Kristen’s body, cut off all her hair, and dumped her – naked – less than a kilometer from the place where Leslie Mahaffy was buried.

The investigation into the deaths of Leslie and Kristen were botched from the very beginning. Unbelievably, Paul was right under the noses of police before the murders had even occurred, yet the authorities failed to realize it. He had been directed to provide a DNA sample for the investigation into the rapes in Scarborough, but that sample wasn’t tested until much later.

When the police approached Karla with a number of questions about her husband, she freaked. She told them nothing on that day, and instead arranged to meet with a lawyer friend of the family. After a bitter fight and a violent beating, Karla and Paul had been living apart. Detached from her fairy tale husband, Karla was now ready to spill her guts.

Prosecutors were open to a deal, facilitated by George Walker, where Karla would plead guilty to a lesser charge and receive a pre-determined sentence of ten years, providing that she did not cause any of the deaths herself, and that she provide full disclosure of her role in the crimes while testifying against Bernardo.

What nobody knew at that time (besides Paul and Karla) was that the videotaped assaults of Tammy Lyn Homolka, Leslie Mahaffy, and Kristen French would eventually surface during Paul Bernardo’s trial – thus rendering the need for Karla’s testimony moot. Another thing that the authorities couldn’t have possibly realized at the time was just how much Karla seemed to enjoy the time that she and Paul had spent with the girls.

Karla Homolka may be a liar, but the camera is not.

While undergoing psychiatric evaluation before her trial, Karla wrote the following letter to Karel, Dorothy, and Lori Homolka on April 13, 1993:

Dear Mom, Dad and Lori,
This is the hardest letter I've ever had to write and you'll probably all hate me once you've read it. I've kept this inside myself for so long and I just can't lie to you anymore.
Both Paul and I are responsible for Tammy's death. Paul was "in love" with her and wanted to have sex with her. He wanted me to help him. He wanted me to get sleeping pills from work to drug her with. He threatened me and physically and emotionally abused me when I refused. No words I can say can make you understand what he put me through. So stupidly, I agreed to do as he said. But something -maybe the combination of drugs and the food she ate that night- caused her to vomit. 
I tried hard to save her. I am so sorry. But no words I can say can bring her back. I have thought many times of killing myself but I couldn't put you through the pain of losing another daughter and sister again.
I don't blame you all if you hate me. I hate myself. I live with the pain of knowing I unintentionally killed my baby sister every day. I think that's the real reason I put up with Paul's abusive behaviour - I felt I deserved it for allowing him to drug and rape my beautiful baby sister. 
I loved her so much and never wanted to do anything to hurt my 'Tamiskins' please believe me. I would gladly give my life for hers. Nothing I can do or say can bring her back. I don't expect you to ever forgive me, for I will never forgive myself.

Karla “allowed” Paul to drug and rape Tammy Lyn, who “unintentionally” died as a direct result. Karla stole the drugs from the vet clinic, and Karla administered the fatal combination of sleeping pills (which Tammy unwittingly mixed with alcohol) and Halothane – but only because Paul threatened and abused her. Karla is obviously very sorry for what she did, evidenced by the fact that she admits she has often thought of killing herself. Bless her heart; she decided to spare her parents and sister the pain of loss times two.

What a shining example of humanity, this heavenly creature that is Karla Homolka.

Following one of the most sensational trials in Canadian history, Paul Bernardo was convicted of a number of offences, including two counts of first-degree murder, and two counts of aggravated sexual assault. He was sentenced to life in prison (about 20 years in Canada), but was later declared a Dangerous Offender, meaning that it is unlikely that he will ever be released. Paul Bernardo will almost certainly draw his final breath in Kingston Penitentiary, where he is being held in segregated solitary confinement.

Karla served every day of her own prison sentence: 10 years as stipulated in her original deal with the prosecution, plus an additional 2 years for her involvement in the death of Tammy Lyn Homolka (although she was never officially charged or convicted for her involvement in her sister's death). The better part of her prison term was served in comparative comfort at a rehab-oriented women’s facility in Joliette, Quebec.

When exclusive photos of Karla seemingly enjoying herself in “jail” were published, people were outraged all across Canada. Under pressure from the Court of Public Opinion, Karla was quickly moved to a decidedly less cushy facility -- a men’s prison – where she came into contact with an inmate by the name of Jean Paul Gerbet.

Depicted in the media as “another Paul Bernardo,” Gerbet was convicted of strangling his girlfriend, Cathy Caretta, in a jealous rage. Reportedly, Gerbet and Homolka carried on a steamy, forbidden affair – exchanging sexy notes, nude photos, and underwear. When Homolka applied for parole, her ongoing relationship with Gerbet was listed as one of the reasons that her request was denied: “You have secretly undertaken an emotional relationship with another inmate, and evidence gathered seems to indicate that this relationship rapidly became sexual," the panel stated. 

Homolka was released on July 4, 2005 amid a media feeding frenzy – camera crews staked out Ste. Anne Des Plaines prison, scrambling for an exclusive shot of perhaps the most hated woman in Canadian history. Shortly after her release, she legally applied to change her name but her request was denied. Within a year, she got the name change she desired when she married Thierry Bordelais, a French/Canadian citizen believed to be a relative of Karla’s lawyer, Sylvie Bordelais. 

A media firestorm ensued yet again when it was reported that Karla had given birth to a baby boy less than two years after her release from prison. The average Canadian seemed to have a hard time making sense of the fact that a woman who had taken part in the murder of three children now had a child of her own. At present, she has three children – ironically, one for each life she helped to extinguish.

When it was reported in the media that Karla and her new family had left the country, Canadians generally seemed to be relieved. In truth, Karla Homolka (now calling herself "Emily Bordelais" or "Leanne Teale Bordelais") still makes her home in Canada, at least for part of the year. Some allege that Karla has actually returned to St. Catharines -- the scene of her crimes -- on a number of occasions to visit her aging parents, and sister Lori (aka “Logan"), who is also married with three children of her own. 

Unbelievably, it has been reported that Karla now makes a living in the child care industry. Not only is she an ESL teacher in her husband's home country of Guadeloupe, but she also runs a web site selling children’s clothing and diapers which she makes herself: Bébé Douceur.

Finally, if you're in need of some advice on child rearing, Karly Curls dishes it out in lumps on the parenting message board BabyCenter under the alias "".

Truth, dear friends, is so much more fearsome than fiction.

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  2. Believe me, I don't like looking at Homolka's grinning nakedness any more than you do, but I think I'll keep the photo; I feel it supports the information presented here.

    1. Where is karla nowits january 2016 i think logan lied at the magnota trial

  3. I agree Kitty, the picture should stay up. It's a reminder of how utterly shameless this creature is, and how willing she was to commit these horrific acts. Bondage in itself is fine, but in this case, it clearly shows the depravity inside this woman.

  4. Thank you, Anon :)

    The handcuffs Paul used on her in the photos were her own.

  5. Please update the pages to reflect Paula Todd discovery that karla homolka is a mother of three living in Guadeloupe.

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  6. I remember reading an article about it on a magazine somewhere in the early 90's. I never heard anything so morbid and distrubing before in my whole life. To think one of the victims is her own little sister. Those girls would have been my age had they still been alive... both murderers should have been put under a guillotine..

    1. It was hard to not hear about this case, it was so pervasive: an entire generation's hopes and dreams for the "perfect" future shot to hell in one fell swoop. But the real kicker here (and what gives this case staying power, IMO) is the fact that one of the killers was appropriately punished while the other is free to eat ice cream and trade baby clothes on the Internet.

      Oh, Justice... Where art thou?

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    Vajayjay Fashion Throughout the Ages :)

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    1. Why thank you, Anon! It's comments like this one which encourage me to keep the information flowing even when I'd rather not. Peering into cases like this one with a magnifying glass can be emotionally draining, but I believe that the more we know about people like Karla Homolka can only make our society safer.

      If nobody talks about it, it's almost as though it doesn't exist.

    2. I think you should make the pictures bill broad size and put it at their driveway entrance on one side and other side pictures of the three victims on the other sides. We know thats just wishful thinking taking in on how the courts handled that case in the first place. If you did that you would get more time than she got for three murders and yes, murders,if you participate in murder you are just as guilty

    3. I'm not sure that would shame her, Anon. She wasn't at all bothered by the fact that a court room full of people stared at video images of her vajayjay day after day during Bernardos trial...

    4. The Homolka family should have vacated the courtroom ASAP when those videos were shown. As--if truth be told--should the Mahaffy and French families have done. All of them stayed--at least the mothers did but all should have left.

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    1. Q: "How did this SKANK get a passport, anyway?"

      A: She married her lawyer's brother, which undoubtedly made it easier for her to navigate the legal path to Guadeloupe (where the Bordelais family hails from).

  13. It's sick that Lori aka Logan Valentini supports Karla financially etc. If she was a virgin at the time it very well could have been her who was tortured raped sodomized then viciously murdered. How can one support someone who did such vile things? WTF is wrong w/ that family? Also Logan has pics of herself, husband & 3 kids all over MySpace. They refer to themselves as "V Dogs". I'm assuming the "V" is for VILE.

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    1. IMHO, it always has and always will be about "image" with Karla. No matter what it is that she is doing (raping, murdering, lying, mothering) she sets out to be the very best.

      Society has been asked to accept that the whole 3 dead girls thing was just a silly phase she went through when she was young, and that she is all better now.

      Even if it is possible for someone capable of inflicting so much pain on others to be truly reformed, I don't think very many people out there would want her living next door to them, nor do I think there would be a very big line to buy her baby gear.

  15. What a strange world we live in. Some sick chick tortures & whacks 3 young girls & assists in the rapes of at least 14 young women then cops a manslaughter plea deal & only gets 12 years!! Those poor families! How can a sexually sadistic torturer & murderer possibly make a good mother? So selfish she had kids. Her husband must be a moron. They're kids (Aurelie, Noah & the youngest one) will always have to be on the run with them. Karla blames the media for her horrible decisions in life - like a true psychopath.

    1. What is perhaps hardest to believe is that she really does appear to be a good mother. She seems fully invested in the well-being of all her kids, which is a mother's primary responsibility (IMHO).

      Does she have the psycho-social makeup required to shape their minds as they grow into young adults? This remains to be seen. Feeding and diapering may be the exhausting part, but it does not compare to the much more important aspect of child rearing, which is to assist them on their way to becoming adults who function in and contribute to society.

      Karla has suggested she favours home-schooling for her kids, which means that this woman who has admitted to being deeply involved in the murders of 3 teens will be pretty much the *only* one influencing their development... A sobering thought.

    2. A quick weigh in here-I just wanted to say that I've had the misfortune of knowing sociopaths/psychopaths my whole life. And the truth is they can fake anything. This woman has committed calculated kidnapping, rape, torture & murder. (She should have been charged with murder 1 as soon as they found the tape of her sister. How the lawyers could botch something so badly is terrifying. Cases like this make me want to be a prosecutor.) Psychopaths don't have empathy, they do not feel remorse when they do bad things. In fact many of them enjoy the bad things they do. They may outwardly express sadness of some kind, but it's just acting. Their only real regret is getting caught. They really can't be reformed, and tend to charm people into believing in them. The reports of her conduct in prison do not reflect a stable, rehabilitated person. Playing mommy is just another show this woman is putting on.

    3. I'm not fooled by The Mommy Show, either. Marriage and children were always high on Karla's list of priorities; even while she was actively playing the role of 1/2 of a rape and murder machine, she fully expected to become a mother one day.

      Until society comes to accept that a woman can be both vicious and nurturing, violent female offenders will continue to thwart the system.

  16. Wow that is scary. So let me get this straight - those kids will be homeschoolers with a child rapist/ torturer & convicted murderer for a mom. Sounds like they're already off to a good start! I just can't fathom the blatant stupidity & cruelty It would take to make the decision to bring 3 lives into her twisted world. IMO her having kids was cruel to her victims families, to society & to her children. But then I remembered, it's Karla Homolka.

    1. Anon: I agree with you, wholeheartedly.

      Two interesting notes concerning the number of children Karla now has:

      1) 3 young children; 3 murdered girls. Coincidence?

      2) Karla's living sister, Logan, also has 3 children. If we know anything about Karla, it's that she's highly competitive. Perhaps she viewed herself as "less than" until she had as many kids as her sister?

      I think it's just gross that these kids are essentially used as human shields to keep curiosity seekers off her case -- people seem less likely to hassle her knowing that she has young ones to worry about. I never doubted for a minute that she'd become a mother; it's all part of her plan. When she was younger, it was all about scoring a rich, handsome man to play house with. Now that she's more mature, the "in" thing to do is to be a doting mom.

      Karla has never been the rebellious sort; she'll always do exactly what is expected of her. I don't think she can help it.

  17. Ya it is disgusting she's using children once again, to fulfill her own selfish desires. Her children are human shields. She's trying hard to portray the "granola" mom image because that is what's fashionable at the moment. This monster has many faces. She went from trying to emulate 1980's Polo wearing, big muff sporting (referring to hairstyle lol) yuppie lifestyle while torturing & murdering young girls to "I'm a granola mom now who's whole life
    revolves around baby shit & how to make a living from it."

    1. You've hit the nail squarely on its head: competing for Mother of the Year is simply what teen queen's do after their breasts flop and their faces break out in creases and lines. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

  18. And what's with this Thierry Bordelais weirdo?! I'd love to hear more of his story, although it can't be a good one if he ended up with Karla Homolka. Geez talk about scraping the bottom of the gene pool.

    1. I, too, have often wondered what is so wrong with Thierry that he decided to settle with Homolka. I mean, it all seemed to happen so quickly and quietly, something smells fishy.

      Maybe he has a criminal history himself and thought his best chance at happiness was with another criminal?

      Maybe he is gay, but wanted biological children?

      Just a little too convenient for me.

  19. Have you ever met Karla or Paul? From all the information you were able to put together to include pictures, I am curious if you were involved from the beginning as far as after they were captured. Just curious. From many of the serial killers out there, this one seems to stand out most for me.. I am thinking mostly due to Karla encouraging Paul to do his terrible deeds and for her supporting the deflowering, murder, and coverup of her younger sister.

    1. Hi, Anon! Thanks for reading!

      To answer your question, I have never met Paul Bernardo, Karla Homolka, or anyone associated with these crimes. I live in Ontario, only a couple of hours from where the crimes took place. This case was considered "local" news all across the province.

      I was about 15 years old when this dreadful case was in the media, and my perception of the world around me was completely and irrevocably changed. You're absolutely right -- this case stands out, and I think that is mainly due to the fact that the killers seemed so picture perfect that it was hard to believe they were such dangerous predators.

      If nothing else, this case has taught me that the scariest monsters are the ones who don't look like monsters at all.

    2. I completely agree with you Kitty on the fact that they didnt look dangerous at all. It must have been a big shocker to watch the media on this taking place in your area. That would scare the hell out of me as well. There is so much information on your site regarding this case, it is unbelievable! I have learned so much from the information you have provided and I havent even touched probably 10-15% of it. I imagine you were able to accumulate much of it because you lived in the area and it directly affected your perception of society. Thanks for sharing!

    3. In the time leading up to and during Bernardo's trial, this case was all anyone could talk/think about. The fact that it was all videotaped made it even more nightmarish -- and Canadians were only able to see small pieces of the puzzle due to the fact that a publication ban was in effect; citizens didn't even know about Karla's deal until long after it happened, when it all came out at Paul's trial.

      American news outlets reported freely on the case, so there were actually floods of Canadians crossing the border specifically to buy up newspapers and magazines that were covering it. Books about the case were showing up in local libraries with half the content blacked-out because it went against the ban... it was absolutely *nuts*, and the fact that it felt like information was being kept from the public at large made people angry, which is perhaps one of the many reasons that this horror story won't ever be forgotten.

      If you are interested in learning even more, I recommend Stephen Williams' books: INVISIBLE DARKNESS, and KARLA: PACT WITH THE DEVIL. The first book details the crimes themselves, while the second is a fascinating exploration of the "enigma" that is Karla Homolka. Her prison letters to Williams are available here, but the book goes into so much more depth -- a must read!!

      Also make sure to check out both "official" reports: The Campbell Report (relating to the way Bernardo's case was handled), and The Galligan Report (relating to the way Karla was handled, primarily focusing on whether or not her deal was appropriate). These reports are especially important because they clearly show the absolutely sickening amount of side-stepping and fancy footwork the Canadian government performed in order to cover up all the fundamental system flaws which enabled the gruesome twosome to go on doing what they did for as long as they did.

      Sorry for the long-winded response; obviously, I'm still really passionate about the many issues raised by this most horrendous case.

      Thanks for reading :)

    4. Does anyone know when she started seeing her attorneys brother? Was it during her trial, was it while she was in prison? Just curious about this guy.

  20. Thank you very much for letting me know about books written about this case, I wondered just yesterday if that existed. I saw the movie just a couple days ago on the internet "Karla". I am also working on reading the Galligan report as of yesterday. Right now I am on page 205... this is where I got much of the details of the crimes he committed on each of the girls he had raped. Believe it or not, I looked into that website that she had put together as well. I clicked on contact and attempted to email her to see if she would email me back. The email address on there doesn't work anymore. I am sure she has been bombarded with a million nasty emails and more then likely this is the reason she probably shut it down.

    1. Happy to help keep the information moving :)

      For what it's worth, Stephen Williams found himself in a considerable amount of hot water after publishing INVISIBLE DARKNESS. Allegedly, the descriptions of what was on the rape tapes was so detailed (and accurate) that authorities figured he had to have seen the tapes himself. As Williams wasn't working on the case in any official capacity, this would have been illegal. Personally, I don't fault him if he did watch the restricted tapes; it's somehow comforting to know that at least one person was able to view them somewhat impartially, from outside the circle of officials concerned mainly with protecting their own assets and the deal they had just made with Homolka.

      I'm not surprised her email has gone dead; she appears to have stopped posting in her known hangouts, which is even more evidence that we're watching the right person :)

  21. Some argue that exposing Homolkas exact whereabouts in Guadeloupe will only push her further into hiding making it more difficult to watch her. I disagree. I don't think she will ever be difficult to locate. Her fantasies of disappearing after prison like her idol Evelyn Dick will never happen in this day & age. My thinking is, the more details the public has on this notorious child rapist & murderer the better. What do you think?

  22. Actually, I think that it would be quite easy for Karla to live anonymously so long as she is able to curb her need to boast! It was her carelessness in posting online that led to her being discovered by the admin team @ WatchingKarlaHomolka (now WKH2012), which led to ripoff artist Paula Todd flying to Guadeloupe, proving WKH right and then passing the scoop off as her own.

    If Karla hadn't put the information out there, she wouldn't have been found, IMO.

  23. Thanks Kitty! Makes sense I just hope she continues to be exposed!

    1. It's entirely possible that she wants to bee seen -- from afar, anyway. I think it really spooked her when P.T. showed up at her home in Guadeloupe, but before that; I think she knew people were watching her and she kind of liked it. She was living her dream, in spite of all she had done. Her online persona is like the final "fuck you" to all the nay-sayers, and those who doubted her ability to overcome any obstacle put before her.

      Lest we forget what an utter show-off she was, as though the sole purpose of her existence was to be seen and admired. Everything about her was about outward appearances, and I think it still is.

  24. Anyone who lives near this woman or interacts with her in any capacity should be scared shitless! Her pathological competitiveness, one-upmanship as you described above is still there to this day. If anything this monster is more empowered by her crimes & the soft time she did in "club fed." This is the same person who put a photo of herself & Paul smiling & waving in her sister Tammy's coffin at her funeral after they raped & murdered her. The level of blatant evil in that act astounds me. She was telling her dead sister "I beat you, I'm getting married to Paul. You can't have him now because we tortured raped and murdered you. I win."

  25. um in reading these blogs I have had "insight" something about the undertones of the request about I bet 'logan' doesn't like seeing the pictures or whatever, is lori............just a hunch......thought id share......

  26. I hope she fears everyday that what she was involved in could possibly happen to her child. i real woman would have stood up and stopped it. i would he would have no balls i would cut them off fry them and make him eat them with a smile on his face.

    1. I agree. If anything ever happened to her children she would cry "victim" even louder than she already is, even though we all know it would be karma/ justice. No woman in her right mind would sit idly by while her husband rapes & tortures other women. Which leads me to believe that her motive in all of the horrible crimes was pure jealousy. She wanted to eliminate her "competition" - in her sick mind these young girls were rivals even though they were kidnapped & held against their will. My question is, if Paul hadn't beaten her so badly she reported him to police, thereby prompting the investigation into the Scarborough rapes & murders of Leslie & Kristen, when would this murdering team have stopped? Karla certainly didn't go running to police when they abducted and raped their first victim, or the second or the third, or the fourth and so on....

    2. ITA, folks. The only thing that Karla brought to the attention of police was Paul's assault on HER; the one that left her black and blue. At that time, she said nothing of his/their involvement in the rapes and murders.

      The cops eventually approached Karla for information about Bernardo while she was "recovering" at her aunt and uncle's place in Brampton. She wasn't helpful at all during the first meeting, but decided she needed to talk because she suspected they were onto her. She contacted a lawyer, then called the police back and spilled her guts -- but only after she was able to secure a more lenient sentence for herself.

      At no time did this woman ever lift a finger to help any of the victims; the only person Karla has ever been interested in helping was/is herself.

  27. Hi Kitty, just a few questions for you about Karla:
    1) Do you think she regrets what she did at all? Do you think she wishes she hadn't done it?
    2) Do you think she intentionally murdered Tammy (for instance, out of jealousy that Paul was so infatuated with
    3) I read somewhere that apparently Karla had sex with quite a few young women (rapes as well as non-rapes, including a hooker at one point) and I believe most of this was caught on tape of course. Do you think Karla was actually attracted to women/bisexual? Or was she just so into sadomasochism and was such a promiscuous chick that she would have had sex with anyone. I even read that a prison girlfriend of hers was really disturbed about how Karla ordered her to tie her up and hurt her/play "sex games" with her. So Karla was a masochist to Paul's sadist? Makes sense.
    4) Why do you think psychiatrists were so mind-boggled by her? Do you think people's perceptions were altered because she was pretty? And thus, maybe they were biased?
    5) And did you hear that Karla had lied about raping Jane Doe? She said she "forgot" what happened to Jane Doe or something even though there was a videotape that was found where Paul AND Karla were raping the girl. In fact, the clip they found at first was just Karla performing oral sex on the poor girl or something.

    Lastly, I love your blog, keep the fascinating posts coming! I'm a fan!

    1. Oops sorry for the typo! I forgot to proofread! Anyway here I'll post question 2 again:
      2) Do you think she intentionally murdered Tammy? (for instance, out of jealousy that Paul was so infatuated with her and whatnot, there could have been other reasons as well.)

      And one more question:
      6) Do you think people like Karla and Paul were just born without the ability to have human emotions and the ability to understand morals, etc. In addition to debilitating narcissism and being psychopaths I'm sure. Do you think Karla is a full-blown psychopath? My opinion is that she is just as bad as Paul but different. Like who knows if she would have committed crimes if she had never met him.

    2. Why thank you for the kind words :) I'll do my best to answer your questions...

      1) Do you think she regrets what she did at all? Do you think she wishes she hadn't done it?

      I would like to think that she wishes none of it had happened. However, I could be wrong. It is very hard to get inside the head of someone so unlike anyone I have ever encountered before.

      2) Do you think she intentionally murdered Tammy? (for instance, out of jealousy that Paul was so infatuated with her and whatnot, there could have been other reasons as well.)

      In my own opinion, I think it's entirely possible that she intended to kill Tammy. I think that she was extremely jealous of her younger sister, and that she may have thought that her own life would be easier/better if Tammy wasn't around. There has always been a good deal of discussion surrounding the timeline of that horrible Christmas Eve at the Homolka house; many have speculated that Karla could well have "finished the job" on her sister after the attack, after Paul had gone to sleep -- that's the way he says it happened. Of course, he is pretty much a psychopath, so his word isn't exactly gospel. Only Karla knows for sure, and of course Tammy Lyn.

      3) I read somewhere that apparently Karla had sex with quite a few young women (rapes as well as non-rapes, including a hooker at one point) and I believe most of this was caught on tape of course. Do you think Karla was actually attracted to women/bisexual? Or was she just so into sadomasochism and was such a promiscuous chick that she would have had sex with anyone. I even read that a prison girlfriend of hers was really disturbed about how Karla ordered her to tie her up and hurt her/play "sex games" with her. So Karla was a masochist to Paul's sadist? Makes sense.

      While Karla has had many same-sex encounters, I believe that she is heterosexual. Karla is a creature of opportunity; she'll do whatever she has to, whenever she has to. Paul liked her to be involved with his victims, so she was. She took a lover in prison, but that isn't particularly unique in her situation.

    3. 4) Why do you think psychiatrists were so mind-boggled by her? Do you think people's perceptions were altered because she was pretty? And thus, maybe they were biased?

      I have kind of decided for myself that nobody was ever really "boggled" by Karla; the inconclusive findings were more convenient than anything else. They needed her to present with SOME sort of psychiatric illness in order to give credence to the prosecution's theory that she had acted under duress, and therefore was not responsible for the crimes to the same degree that Bernardo was. However, they couldn't make her appear too mentally unstable, as that would detract from her credibility as a witness. I think the system pretended to be "mystified" by Homolka in the hopes that Canadians would be more accepting of the way she was dealt with. Furthermore, I think our society struggles with issues concerning a woman's agency and capacity for violence, so she was almost made into some type of mythical creature who defies all explanation, when really it's more a case of our unwillingness to accept that women like her really do exist.

      5) And did you hear that Karla had lied about raping Jane Doe? She said she "forgot" what happened to Jane Doe or something even though there was a videotape that was found where Paul AND Karla were raping the girl. In fact, the clip they found at first was just Karla performing oral sex on the poor girl or something.

      Yeah, Karla "remembered" raping Jane Doe after police showed her a photo taken from the video of the attack. The police didn't know what it was (they thought it was Kristen French at that time), but Karla knew... she soon confessed to her lawyer that the memory came to her in a dream. What the f*ck ever...

      6) Do you think people like Karla and Paul were just born without the ability to have human emotions and the ability to understand morals, etc. In addition to debilitating narcissism and being psychopaths I'm sure. Do you think Karla is a full-blown psychopath? My opinion is that she is just as bad as Paul but different. Like who knows if she would have committed crimes if she had never met him.

      You said it -- who knows. I think that's part of what makes this such a fascinating case; the psychological/sociological ramifications are HUGE.

      Thanks for reading!!! :)

  28. Thanks for sharing your opinions, I'm impressed with how much you know about this case! It's certainly in my opinion one of the most fascinating ones out there.

    Anyway, I wholeheartedly agree that Karla was a creature of opportunity, I also think she had a very severe case of narcissistic personality disorder. On that same note I have some other questions:

    1) Do you think Karla was the true mastermind? Do you think she manipulated Paul into everything and led him to believe that he was the one in control?
    2) Do you think Karla was the true killer of the girls? I read somewhere that they found two small circles on Kristen French's stomach or back or something and that could have been Karla's knees if she sat on top of her and strangled her (or killed her a different way, who knows.)
    3) Do you think Karla was frightened of Paul? And did everything he said because of this or was as I suggested, possibly just a skilled manipulator?
    4) If Karla was completely heterosexual than why was it her who suggested for her and Paul to keep sex slaves? They videotaped a conversation about it. Apparently Karla said "We should go get girls and bring them back home to keep as sex slaves." and Paul's basically like "Great idea! When should we start?" and Karla said, "In the summer, because it's too cold in the winter." And less than a year later Leslie Mahaffy was dead. Then a year after that, Kristen French. Also, I also read some stuff that stunned me: apparently there's multiple sex tapes out there with surprisingly just Karla and women and no Paul. Like there's one with Karla and an Atlantic City hooker and even one with her in an orgy basically with her and multiple women. Who knows whether it's true or not but it's safe to say she is incredibly promiscuous and would be willing to take advantage of just about anybody. And I also read she had a few girlfriends in prison, at least. Again, not sure if that's factual but as you said, that's very common in prison.
    5) Do you think people like Karla and Paul can be helped? Can they help prevent their behavior like this?
    6) Do you think the act of murder turned them on and made them orgasm etc? 'Cuz I know the actual act of murder was a huge turn on for people like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, etc. And as far as I'm concerned Karla and Paul are just as sick and messed up.
    7) If you saw Karla out on the streets what would you do?
    8) If someone dared you to write a letter to Paul Bernardo in prison or to Karla if you came across her diaper business address for instance, would you?

    1. Wow! Lots of questions! I'll do my best...

      1) Although I have always found Karla to be a thoroughly malignant personality, Paul Bernardo was/is a monster. I don't believe that it was Karla's will to prowl for young girls to abuse; that was 100% Paul. However, the fact that she went along with everything makes her just as guilty, regardless of whether she was fulfilling his perverted fantasies or her own. Personally, I think she's even sicker than he is because she wasn't compelled by psychopathy -- it was all her choice.

      2) Personally, I believe she killed the girls. Tammy's death is a no-brainer; she died because she was drugged, and it was Karla who procured and applied the chemicals. I am also confident that she killed Kristen, but am unsure about Leslie -- it could have been either of them. In the end, I don't think it matters much who technically stopped the girls' breath; Karla could have put an end to all of it, and she chose not to.

      3) I do not believe that Karla was frightened of Paul -- not enough to leave him, anyhow. She had ever opportunity to extricate herself from the situation, but again, she chose not to.

      4) I think that much of what she told the police about Paul "scripting" her is true -- but again, she chose to play along with him. She wasn't being forced to say those things in the same way that Leslie and Kristen were forced, but I do believe she said what she said in order to ingratiate herself to him. Personally, I think her trysts with women were all entirely self-serving, and had little or nothing to do with her personal preferences. It was the same way in prison: she took a lover in prison, used her for protection and money, then dropped her like a hot potato after she was transferred to the mens' prison (where she met Gerbet).

      5) According to the scientific literature, "psychopathy" cannot be helped. While Bernardo was officially deemed a psychopath, this same label was never applied to Homolka. I think the best society can hope to do in these cases is to identify possible risks like Bernardo early on in order to keep a close watch on their behaviour. However, given the fact that current penalties for animal cruelty (one of the biggest indicators of psychotic disturbance) remain shamefully low, I'm not terribly optimistic that much of anything is done when these types of warning signs present themselves. Luka Magnotta is a perfect example -- nobody in a position of power seemed to give a flying frig when he was merely killing animals, but they sure jumped into action once he turned on a human.

      6) Paul was clearly turned on by violence, and according to the literature, murder is the ultimate act of possession, so it's highly likely that he found their deaths thrilling. I think Karla viewed it as a power trip -- taking down anyone who stood between her and Bernardo.

      7) If I saw Karla, I'd snap a picture. I think it's only fitting that the world gets to see how badly she's aged. For someone who's always been obsessed with her appearance, I think it would be like a form of punishment.

      8) I have no interest in writing to either of them; Paul is a ranting nutter, and Karla is a liar, so I don't really see much point in trying to pick either of their brains. Karla's address in the tropics is quite easy to come by online, however, if someone were so inclined.

  29. Seriously, the level of evil and monstrosity of these murderous individuals is just horrible and sickening. These are the kind of people that just should have never ever been born. I know and I'm very sure of it that this monsters are going to be destroyed forever. Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka will be destroyed forever!. Never doubt that these evil and devilish people will have that fate. That is going to be their end. Sex crimes are as disgusting as these killers. They are going to wind up in the second death or what the Bible calls the lake of fire and brimstone and I'm convinced of that fact. These individuals were directs instruments of the devil and his evil influence. I truly believe that Tammy Homolka, Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French will all be resurrected someday in the future on a cleansed, happy, healthy and paradise earth. These innocent and lovely girls will be brought back to life and they will have the great privilege of live in a wonderful and sane new world with no criminals, sadists or mentally disabled persons. Then they will get married, have healthy and lovely children and live in peace with everybody. I pray everyday for the families of these girls and of all the other innocent women that lost their lives because of this evil couple. God bless Tammy, Leslie, Kristen and all the other victims. Please God bring your new and peaceful world where justice will dwell.

    1. Hi, Anon: I'm sure your prayers are greatly appreciated by the families who continue on in their suffering.

      Thanks for reading :)

  30. I have a question aswell: How are the all the parents doing?
    I mean does Karlas family still talk to her? Do they believe her?
    Where is Pauls Family? are they in contact.

    And I also wonder about the first victims parents. You wrote: ,,she told him that her parents had locked her out of the house for breaking curfew" - I mean it must be horrible for the parents to know that she got taken cause they locked her out

    Cheers ;)

  31. I wonder the same question. Thank you.

  32. I don't think she was a victim, I've seen many documentarys, her eyes, her way to explain herself...She speaks like a clearly psychopath, maybe they were 2 psychopaths who get married...that's what I think. (I'm also a psychologist).

  33. I'm the same, like last post, I'm a psychologist but also an astrologer, and I see this sadomasoquism in both of their natal charts...Also the cruelty to women (venus conj mars) and both have moon in aries. And Karla is bisexual, as I can see (venus trigon uranus),_Karla,_Paul

  34. no one is aware karla has 3 kids to rape them and torture them?? please i beg, someone help those children police hellooooooooooo 2+2=?

  35. Интересно а сохранились ли видео с участием Карлы?

  36. Hello again, I am now Writing in french also and try to give more information to Guadeloupeans, so that we will be more to write to Francois Hollande and ask him what he can do. To send her back to Canada would of course be the best, her Children have to be put under observation, but they have a father too! Unhappily, this fool has engendered them and he has the french nationality, so we will see. I hope our president doesn´t simply put his head in the sand. Guadeloupe has so much problems right now, and we don´t need such a monster Close to our kids. She show no respect for us, hiding under Another name, playing the good mother róle. But some of us know she cannot change even if she goes to Church nowadays. Such a psychopath is full of lies.

  37. А кто нибудь находил Карлу в соц сетях?

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. karla and paul were the subject of a show called "twisted" on investigation discovery this evening. john rosen was interviewd, and stated that leslie mahaffy was living with her mother and step father -- is dan mahaffy not leslie's biological father? i don't believe that i have read or seen anything that states "step" when talking about debbie or dan mahaffy.

  40. So apparently Karla Homolka is living in Quebec again!!!
    Her sister Logan Valentini has been in court at the Magnotta trial and revealed this information. Funny how this family is implicated with yet another killer.
    Karla Homolka living in Quebec...why is nobody against this?

  41. If she's living in Quebec people need to do something about it. Locate her, im sure it is extremely easy to do so with all her information listed on the internet. Do what you feel is right...hound the living shit out of her and expose her to no end. People have the right to know! She is a powerless piece of shit and always has been...the only power she ever had was the stupidity of other people, like the incompetent police officers who did not do a proper investigation leading to the mistake that was her plea deal. The reason she got away with so much is because the Canadian government made a huge mistake, and they refused to ever fix it. Not because she's so smart, beautiful, mesmerizing, etc. It was entirely the stupidity and pride of the legal system. It seems all her life she was enabled by weak, stupid people. People with integrity, strength and intelligence see her for the puny, weasely piece of shit that she is. Physically, she is ugly, puny, and dumpy and could only hurt others with the help of Paul or with chemicals to drug her victims (or objects). But her ex husband beat the living shit out of her and she could not fight back physically because she is a coward. instead she fought back with lies and turning on him. Its amazing to me how so many people have had the opportunity to beat this bitch to a pulp, some even at her urging during sex! and she gave society and her own family the perfect oppurtunity to turn their back on her forever, leaving her lonely and isolated from the world like she should be. But her scumbag family chooses to support her instead, much like that other scumbag family she is now a part of. They are all sick, deranged pieces of shit. Thats her only power, she uses people who are stupid and fucked up in the head like her. And she happened to catch a lucky break from the government and legal system. if it were not for luck,stupid people or scumbag enablers, she would be living the miserable life she was meant to live.Because smart people can see right through her. Dont be afraid of this scumbag people, continue to hound her and expose her, and whatever else you feel is appropriate karma. Peace be with you all, may that nasty fucking c*nt rot in hell

  42. Karla is now living in Chateauguay, QC at 16 Beauchamp. A very happy life indeed for at least the past 2 years. She has just been revealed last week. We want her GONE!

    1. The sad part about all of this is she is living amongst us with 3 children,while the other families are without their children.I do think by law she should have never been allowed to have children of her own,not only for what she did(especially being the mastermind behind all that was done)AND THEN SERVING ONLY 12 YEARS IN PRISON.Does the justice system have any sympathy for the other families.i guess NOT.Will it be her paying for what she did?No it will be her children.Hopefully she will be soon out of Chateauguay and the system take her 3 children from her so they can live a normal life somewhere without the DEVIL.

    2. Hunt her down and give her a blanket party!

  43. Paul is a worthless creature on this planet, I get a kick out of people mentioning he suffers in a warm small cell with three square meals a day, I say the victims family decides his living conditions, including the exact same torture and violent environment those poor very young girls endured, game on Bernardo, I would love to witness the fear in his eyes.

  44. Why is that crazy rotten bitch out of prison!! I hope someone makes her life a living hell!

    1. Robin, I hate her being free and breeding humans to sculpt but I truly believe Karma is going to attach itself to the human succubus that she is and drag her forever. She is pure evil and will get hers. Not soon enough for our taste, but it will.

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