Friday, August 24, 2012

Karla Speaks for Herself

In spite of everything that has been said about Karla Homolka by the multitudinous professionals assigned (in some way or another) to her case, I have always felt that her own words speak volumes about her involvement in the crimes. 

Simply reading about her comments to police in preparation for then-estranged husband's trial, and her sworn testimony on the stand reveals only part of the picture. The full effect of her statements can only be experienced with the assistance of Karla herself: her appearance, her demeanor, and the apparently unaffected ease with which she delivers the chilling details surrounding the deaths of three innocent young women. 

My interest in obtaining the documentary aired by The Fifth Estate was primarily due to the fact that it contains some video footage of Homolka's cautioned statement to the police following her agreement to cooperate fully in the Bernardo investigation in exchange for a lesser sentence. While the footage amounts to less than seven minutes in total, the "diagnostic mystery" that is Karla Homolka speaks for herself.

Karla Speaks for Herself: Part 1

Extracted from: CBC's The Fifth Estate
This episode can be obtained in its entirety here
Thanks to: WKH2012

Karla Speaks for Herself: Part 2

Extracted from: MSNBC's Dark Heart, Iron Hand
This episode can be obtained in its entirety from: 


  1. Replies
    1. Hi, Amy!!! Good to see you here :)

      THIS was the reason for all my searching with regard to The Fifth Estate broadcast. Those few minutes of footage from Karla's "confession" to police provides all the evidence that is needed to confirm that the woman is selfish to a pathological (and dangerous) degree!

      What chilled me the most (which I hadn't really noticed years ago) was when she talks about how Paul wanted to keep his "sex slaves" longer than they did -- her demeanor during the segment is a dead giveaway; she is basically admitting that it was her who killed the girls, either by force or by will. She actually had to correct herself when explaining why Leslie died when she did, realizing that she had just essentially admitted that it was she who determined Leslie's fate.

      Absolutely haunting... She stares her interviewer directly in the face and almost jokes, "he wanted to keep them... like forever!" Obviously, she was smarter and more cunning than Paul, and it seemed to me as if she went out of her way to let the police know that.

      Another groaner for me is when she's joking about how Paul ruined her wedding night by telling her that he was the notorious Scarborough Rapist (in the MSNBC clip) -- she actually laughs about it, as though she's contributing a video to her high school reunion committee rather than providing key evidence in a multiple sex-killing trial.

      The one and only time I thought she actually sounded affected by what she was saying was when she discussed how Tammy died -- and even then, I didn't feel it seemed genuine; a lazy facsimile of the horror, guilt, and shame a normal person would feel.

    2. The full episode of The Fifth Estate is now up on Youtube

    3. Yup, it was the only way I could think of to share -- files were too large to upload directly through Blogger :)

  2. YES YES Kitty your so right. I mean how could she except a traditional girlish dream of a wedding night when just literally days before they killed poor lesile which I believe was pay back from paul to karla for her own plan of putting down and raping poor jane doe just a week before lesile's murder and dismemberment. Like can you imagine the air in that room during that interview those cops had to keep clear faces but in their heads they had to have been like this chicks a lunatic.I am so glad I got to view these again well worth it ! Also Kitty I love this site you've created ,I am always checking it out . Its in my favorites ! Thank you for making it so interesting .

    1. You, my dear, are a Sweetling :) Thank you for all your kind words!

      No updates to this blog lately, but I don't want to stick stuff up here just for the sake of posting. Since I tend to follow cases that happened some time ago, "updates" are kind of scarce ;)

  3. Wow. Just wow. I've never seen these video confessions of Homolka before. I'm just stunned at her demeanor. It's so bizarre how she dressed up like a school girl for the investigators. Considering she lured kidnapped raped & murdered Kristen French who was wearing her school uniform at the time of her abduction. Homolka could have chosen conservative attire to manipulate the investigators...but a schoolgirl uniform???? It seems like it's just a game for her. And the fact that her other sister Lori was concerned about a book left over in the house where two young girls met unspeakable torture and death..speaks volumes about the Homolka family. I get the impression that NONE of them really cared or showed concern for any of the victims including their own flesh & blood Tammy. Unbelievable.

    1. ITA, Anon!! I have always believed that this documentary in particular almost single-handedly changed the public's perception and view of Karla Homolka. Before these videotaped segments were released, we really knew nothing about her beyond the scant details which trickled down through through the media that had been under a strict publication ban. Even more importantly, we were no longer being asked to take anyone else's words about her for consideration; finally, we were able to form our opinions by actually watching and listening to her speak in her own words. The flat, unaffected manner in which she shares the most shocking details of these crimes is abosolutely chilling.

      I also agree with your comments about the Homolka family in general; clearly, something went desperately wrong in that household for the eldest daughter to kill the youngest daughter while the daughter in the middle is asking about a book left in the same cellar where the body of a teenage girl was dismembered. WTF indeed!

  4. I'm astounded as to how matter of fact she speaks. Her comments being emotionally involved, putting on make up? And here for the last week I was was thinking she could have been forced by Bernardo to do it.
    I think following her around for the remainder of her life to remind her we will NEVER forget the victim's lives she took, and the many women that suffered the torturous rapes Bernardo did to them. She knew and participated in every way. A normal human being would have went to the police ASAP if their husband admitted he was a serial rapist!

  5. You said: "And here for the last week I was was thinking she could have been forced by Bernardo to do it."

    I don't believe Karla Homolka could be forced by anyone to do anything she didn't want to do. And watching her describe what happened, in her own words, I think that becomes pretty crystal clear. The more one learns about her, it becomes more evident that she called the shots she wanted to call.

  6. She's a psychopath. No remorse. No emotion. Totally self-interested. Like a snake.

    1. I couldn't agree more, Anon. Actually, the snake has one redeeming quality which Karla Homolka does not possess: the ability to shed and renew its own skin. Homolka hasn't/won't ever change.

  7. Kitty, Paul Bernado video taped everything except the murders. Why didn't he video tape the murders? Because he wasn't there when Karla killed them. Simple as that. The police know this, the Crown know this, Karla knows this and Paul Bernado knows this. How that murdering, raping, torturing, evil bitch is free is beyond me. Shame on the Canadian prosecutors. You betrayed 3 young girls and a nation. Shame on scumbag lawyers for hiding evidence and shame on the police for ignoring more than a dozen direct leads to the name Paul Bernado.


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