Monday, November 12, 2012

Document Library

I created this page in the hopes of making it easier to sift through the collection of important and/or official documents, transcripts, letters, and images amassed by Mascara and Murder.


  1. Fireside Chat (Video Transcript)
  2. Karla Homolka's Plea Agreement (PDF)
  3. Karla Homolka Speaks for Herself (Video)
  4. The Fifth Estate: Karla Homolka (New! Video)
  5. The Galligan Report on Certain Matters Relating to Karla Homolka, 1996 (Full Report, PDF)
  6. Bernardo Investigation Review: Report of Mr. Justice Archie Campbell, 1996 (Full Report, PDF)
  7. Karla's Letter to Correctional Services Canada Requesting Parole, 2003
  8. The Stephen Williams Letters (Transcripts w/ Images)
  9. Karla's Post-Prison Interview, 2005 (New! Video w/ Transcript)
  10. A Visit to Hell in Bernardo Wing by Nick Pron (Toronto Star), 2005 (Article)
  11. Bernardo Interview with Toronto Police Service Sex Crimes Unit, 2007 (Transcript, PDF)
  12. Finding Karla: Fraud, Fiction, or Both? (Article)
  13. Photographing Karla Homolka: Zoran Milich's Story (Article + Image)
  14. "Serial Killer in Guadeloupe?" (New! Video)
  15. What do people in Guadeloupe think of Karla Homolka living there? (Article)
  16. BabyCentre Users Weigh in on Homolka, July 2012 (Web Document)
  17. "I cried more hearing her tell what happened..." (Web Document)
  18. Karly Curls 2.0 (Images)
  19. Bye Bye, Bébé Douceur (New! Web Document)
  20. Lori Homolka: "It's so easy to con people." (Images)
  21. Haunting Karla Homolka (Scanned Article)
  22. Karla Homolka 'Haunted' by Victim on BabyCenter (Web Documents)
  23. The Day an Entire City Grieved (Article)
  24. Law, Psychiatry, and the Re-making of Karla Homolka (Journal Article)
  25. Karla Homolka: From a Woman in Danger to a Dangerous Woman (Journal Article)
  26. Fairy Tales, News Stories, and the Monstrous Karla Homolka (Journal Article)
  27. Dealing With the Devil: Karla Homolka and the Absence of Feminist Criticism (Book Chapter)
  28. Dissecting Karla Homolka... Astrologically (Astrological Profile)
  29. The Disturbed Mind: Compliant Victims of the Sexual Sadist (Paper)
  30. The Proposed Canadian Defence of Coercive Persuasion (Conference Paper)
  31. Horrific Video Tapes as Evidence: Balancing Open Court and Victims' Privacy (Journal Article)

  1. J.R.'s Social Media Profiles (Web Documents)
  2. J.R.'s Stick Figure Murder Plot (Drawing)
  3. Jail House Love Letters (Transcripts)
  4. Jail House Love Letters (Handwritten Letters)
  5. "I Just Wanted Him to Go to Sleep." (Article)
  6. Tearful Confession Evokes Homolka's Grisly Deed (Article)
  7. Medicine Hat Murder House (Map)
  8. Runaway Devil and the Ross Glen 7-11 (Map)
  9. Facebook Weighs in on Runaway Devil (Web Documents)
  10. Facebook Fodder (Web Document)
  11. Runaway Devil Attending Grant McEwan University? (Web Document)

  1. Facebook Pages (Web Documents)
  2. Trigger Happy (Handwritten)
  3. Letter to Michael Rafferty (Handwritten)
  4. "I don't know Tori Stafford." (Handwritten)
  5. Scenario 1 (Handwritten)
  6. Bernardo Victims' Lawyer on Sanitizing the Facts (Article)
  7. Judge to Rafferty: "You, sir, are a monster." (Sentencing Remarks)

  1. Leslie Van Houten: A Friendship by John Waters (Paper)
  2. Susan Atkins: The Shattered Myth of 'Helter Skelter' (Book)
  3. Will You Die For Me? by Charles "Tex" Watson (Book)

  1. Damien Echols: Exhibit 500 (Complete Exhibit)
  2. Gender and Crime (Article)
  3. Resolving Gender Bias in Criminal Defenses (Journal Article)
  4. Sigmund Freud: Three Contributions to Theory of Sex (Paper)
  5. Weeping Women Just as Capable of Evil as Men (Article)
  6. Rona Shafia: Excerpts from Slain Woman's Diary (Transcript)



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