Thursday, October 11, 2012

Runaway Devil: More Facebook Fodder

Senseless tragedy: a hearse accepts the Richardson family's remains

I realize that I am not merely beating a dead horse at this point, but rather clubbing it's zombie into a heightened state of un-death. Sifting through pages and pages worth of she was just a kid, she was brainwashed, and everybody deserves a second chance has brought my blood to a boil, and I guess I felt the need to share.

The ongoing commentary on the Keep J.R. in Jail Facebook Page makes for some interesting reading. If it weren't all about a profoundly tragic series of murders, I might even be tempted to call it entertainment, but it's really nothing of the sort. Clearly, the people of Medicine Hat still harbour a great deal of animosity toward J.R., which is understandable given the careless behaviour she exhibited and the brutal nature of her crimes.

I clipped out some of the more informative bits; including comments from people who claim to know (or have known) the youngest person convicted of murder in Canadian history. And, of course, I saved everything to PDF in case Facebook one day decides to pull the plug on this page -- as evidenced by the first snipped post in the document, the group has already been reported for publishing the name and presumed whereabouts of the poor girl whose only mistake was planning and watching her family's slaughter and laughing about it later.

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