Friday, October 5, 2012

Facebook Weighs in on Runaway Devil

There is an ongoing Facebook debate regarding whether or not J.R. (aka Runaway Devil) is entitled to the complete and total freedom she is soon to enjoy once her "Intensive Rehabilitation Custody" order expires.

The discussion is essentially splitting hairs; regardless of what anyone says, thinks, or does, she will be released back into the herd very soon, and her criminal record will vanish within five years on the condition that she stays out of trouble. However, as intangible as public opinion seems to be concerning the systems which govern us, it is clear that a good many people are still reeling from the unthinkable crimes perpetrated against an innocent Mother, Father, and little boy.

With the community of Medicine Hat, Alberta still expressing such strong emotions about the Richardson family murders, how can there be any reasonable expectations that one of the two people responsible for the killings -- the young woman we have come to know as Runaway Devil -- has come through the process fully healed and ready to re-integrate? The most frequently-used argument against J.R.'s release is that it seems like an impossible mission to "fix" or "correct" someone who thought it was okay to murder her family in the name of forbidden love. The rational mind can't help but think: if any crime deserves a life sentence, it's this one.

But there is no life sentence for J.R., beyond the fact that her Mother, Father, and little brother are no longer alive as a direct result of her thoughts and actions. Once her criminal record is expunged, the only stain she will carry with her is her memory of that awful night. Given the fact that she was seen giggling and making out with her then-boyfriend at a party only hours after her family was butchered, I'm not banking on those memories causing her to feel the grief that she failed to express in the days that followed the murders. 

Because of the gender bias that exists within our social systems, J.R. never had to own up to the crimes she committed; she simply sat back and waited for the blame to fall upon a more conventional target: Jeremy Allan Steinke.

In my not always humble opinion, if anyone could have benefited from Intensive Rehabilitation Custody, it was Jeremy. His life story is a tragic one, and it stands in stark comparison to the life of privilege into which his young amour was born. Hers was like a shiny, red apple while Jeremy's was like the worm one sometimes finds after taking a bite. Based solely on his background, it is easier to see why Jeremy may have thought at one time that killing J.R.'s family was a good idea. 

In the case of Runaway Devil, no obvious links can be made between her development and her behaviour.  Ultimately, she stood behind the readily available excuse that she was just an impressionable, young girl who didn't know the difference between fantasy and reality.

I'm providing the links to two opposing Facebook groups, as well as PDF versions of each in case the site administrators remove them from the server. Also, I decided not to redact the names and avatars of posters because both of these discussions are publicly accessible.


  1. I have heard from a reliable source that one of the people that "Like" the Keep J.R. Out of Jail group is actually her, and that she's talking to the administrator in private messages using her BFF's Facebook account.

    1. Wow! Thanks for sharing that, Anon! Any chance you are willing/able to give us (or me, directly) the name of said BFF?

      When I first scrolled through "Keep JR Out of Jail," I couldn't help but be struck by the fact that the people posting there are precisely the kind of immature, naive, and juvenile little clowns that J.R. was rolling with back in the day. If what you say is true, and that she has chosen to associate with this group, I am actually kinda-sorta frightened about her future.

      I didn't expect her to magically grow a conscience under her IRC order, I thought she would have at least grown up a little.

  2. Is she even allowed to use Facebook? If so, surely her online activity would be monitored? I just scrolled through "Keep JR Out Of Jail," and honestly, the girl who started that group is obviously severely disturbed. Most of her posts are sickening, the way she jokes about something this heavy and sad, it's disgusting. It's like she does feed off what Jasmine did, as someone said.

    That being said, I can actually see why Jasmine might be interested in talking to that gravely mentally ill girl. If the remorse Jasmine reportedly feels is disingenuous, as many people believe it is, then yes, I bet she wants to talk to that girl. I just don't think she would be allowed to, or be able to, due to the supervision order.

    I might message the owner of "Keep JR Out Of Jail' and ask her a few questions. I doubt I'll get a response, being that I'm not a Jasmine supporter, but it's worth a shot.

    1. Hi, Donald! I imagine that there are certain restrictions in place intended to prevent her from using social media (given the fact that her online persona played so heavily in the case), but since she is now living outside a clinical setting, in somewhat open society, I think it's entirely possible that she is online again. It can be very difficult for parents to monitor their kids' activities outside of home and school ;)

      As for the admin of the "Keep JR Out of Jail" Facebook page that you're referring to, I have considered the options and have ultimately decided that she's more likely mentally slow than mentally ill. Her hero worship with regard to J.R. lacks any real conviction, she just pukes up outdated goth cultural references and ridiculous nonsequiturs.

      I can almost guarantee a response; people like that just can't bear to keep their lips (or fingers, in this case) from flapping ;)

      Thanks for reading! Hope to see you around the posts :)

  3. Hi, Kitty!

    First of all, I have to say you're doing a great job here. Well done. :)

    Second, I've put together a set of thought provoking (at least I think so) questions, which I am going to send to the girl who admins the "Keep JR Out Of Jail" page. I, for one, am certainly hoping she will respond and gives us more of an insight into why she supports a child killer.

    I am hoping for intelligent (though that might be too much to expect) answers from this girl. But if she reminds you of the "immature, naive, and juvenile little clowns that J.R. was rolling with back in the day", I can expect to receive perhaps immature, juvenile responses. And given her most recent posting, where she has the audacity to label someone who doesn't agree with her opinion, a possible pedophile, well, similar comments may be coming my way.

    I actually discovered your blog after seeing your posts on "Keep JR Out Of Jail" and I have to say I shall be posting again.

    You're welcome! :)

    1. Donald: Definitely let me know what you hear back!

      I would view the sympathetic interest in J.R. differently if I felt that some of these groupies were coming from a place of honest reason; if the passionate arguments focused on the fundamental human belief in redemption... But that's really not what these kids are saying. It's clearly more about idolizing who she was at the time of the murders, and even the fact that she was able to commit them.

      They claim that it's a matter of subculture identity, but that's a steaming load of bullshit. I walk on the spooky side of the street, too, but I can honestly say that there has NEVER been even a single moment in my life in which I thought that murder was a reasonable solution to a problem I was having. When my parents grounded me (for doing many of the same things that J.R. did), I bitched about it, but I stayed grounded! I didn't try to talk any of my friends into killing them with me -- not even in a joking sort of way.

      The girl is a raging sociopath, and she's going to walk. She is walking already. Soon, she will reach the finish line, and I have a sinking suspicion that when she gets there, she'll be laughing at us.

  4. If she had known the real meaning of Wicca and Goth this never would have happened. Misinformation gives all a bad name and is probably the main thing that led her to believe in Jeremy and what she did.

  5. 12 or not, u know the diference between right in wrong! they r both crazy and need help! And if ur soooooo upset with ur parents y didnt u kill them "J.R." Seems kinda strange she wanted her parents killed but she
    slaughtered her own brother instead?? WTF??? PPL like this need to stay in jail! She will never have a normal life... everyone knows ho she is and what shes done. I hope for her Father, Mother and espcially her brothers sake that crazy twat gets what she deserves! She should live her pathetic life in jail. Thats where she belongs... period!!!!

  6. Ok the Keep J.R. Out Of Jail Group is no longer on FaceBook it has been Removed ? Is there another Group Perhapse that i Can view ?

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