Friday, October 12, 2012

"I cried more hearing her tell what happened..."

Karla Homolka poses for a photograph in Joliette Institution.
Doesn't really look like prison, does it?

I am sure there are people who wonder why anyone would want to expend large amounts of their time and effort maintaining a blog like Mascara & Murder, which deals with some of the most gruesome and horrific subject matter imaginable. Hell, I've even contemplated it's value at times and have, on occasion, thought about throwing in the towel. Very recently, while perusing my blog stats, I came upon a discussion that bolstered my will to continue slugging it out in the darkest of places in the name of access to information.

The following is a snippet posted by a woman who was in contact with Karla Homolka through their shared interest in parenting-related sites and forums. I was so touched by what she said that I signed up for a BabyCenter account just so that I could tell her how much I appreciated her taking the time to share her feelings.

"... With every fibre of my being I can tell you I could never do what Karla Homolka has done, I can also tell you that I cried more hearing her tell what happened then she cried when it happened or when she was telling about it. After hearing Karla in her own words, that was when I made up my mind about her and remorse or rehabilitation [...]
I am going to post a link, it's to Mascara and Murder, and on there are clips from Karla's interviews [...] During all the video you'll see a lot, but one thing you will never see is Karla shedding one tear, you won't see any emotion of guilt or of pain and certainly won't see her overcome with emotion at the horror of it all, but you will see her calmly ask for a book her sister wants.
Watch it and see if you think a monster like that can really change. To me some things just cant be fixed... and remember, no one is telling you, this is Karla in her own words..."

The videotaped interviews can be viewed here.

The full discussion (currently public) can be viewed here:

Most of you 'knew" emily

And in case it disappears, here is a hard copy:

Most of you 'knew" emily (PDF)


  1. Keep up the good work Kitty!!!!!

  2. I'm glad you've decided to forge ahead with this blog site. I was believing her version of how it all played out, I was feeling she had helped Bernardo out of desperation to 1) remain alive 2) by a script he had her follow. Being able to read, and watch the video's has changed my mind.

    1. Thank you for your comments :)

      I've actually spent a lot of time thinking about whether or not the information here was truly valuable. My mission is not to glorify women who prey on innocent victims, but to expose them. I'm glad that the information provided here seems to be falling into the right hands (for the most part).

      Cheers! :D

  3. I will say this again Kitty, you are awesome. Keep up the good work. I hope Karla reads this (as I'm sure she does). I think being hated by so many all over the world will get to her more than anything.

  4. I really really hope she gets kicked out of Guadeloupe & has to bounce around from place to place because no one wants her living near them. I also hope more journalists track her down & get photos so we can all see just how terribly she's aged. Evil leatherface hag! Hope she dies a terrible death soon. There I said it.