Monday, October 15, 2012

Homolka Clone on TV's Dexter

Is Dexter's "Hannah McKay" based on Karla Homolka?

A new character appears in Season 7 of the wildly popular television series Dexter bears an eerie resemblance to convicted killer Karla Homolka

Although it has not been (and probably won't be) confirmed, this would make all the sense in the world given the attention Homolka and her case have received recently, in spite of her efforts to live life anonymously following her release from prison.

"Hannah was apparently involved with an older man named Wayne Randall while the duo went on a killing spree until caught. In order to avoid jail time herself, she turned state's evidence on her accomplice insuring that he was put away while she could start a new life."
Source: Dexterama
 "Here’s where the real parallel could be between the two parties: Hannah may have been much more involved in the killings with Randall than she initially told to police, and this is something Dexter is going to have to find out a little bit more of as the season progresses. Based on the video, we are starting to think that Dexter and Hannah could go down the relationship route here. Both parties clearly have some sort of dark passenger that they have dealt with for several years, but on the surface it does look like Hannah has found a way to get over it. Is this truly the case, though?"
Source: Carter

I'll be tuning in tonight (I watch a day behind schedule), so I may have more to add to this discussion after I've watched Hanna's debut. In the meantime, I will continue to take wicked pleasure in the fact that, much to her chagrin, Karly Curls just keeps popping up in the media like a dirty old whack-a-mole!

Update: October 16, 2012

Okay, so now that I've met Hannah McKay... there is little doubt left in my mind that her character is, in fact, based upon my least favourite lady, Karla Homolka; with a splash of Runaway Devil thrown in for good measure. We learn that Hannah was a minor at the time she and then-boyfriend Wayne Randall went on a killing spree, and as such, her criminal record was later expunged. Other than the age factor, everything else appears to be all Karla.

Hannah is blonde, beautiful, and operates a nursery -- my jaw about hit the floor when I heard that, but then it is revealed to be a nursery for young plants rather than young minds. Hannah seems annoyed when she is questioned about her past, which comes back to haunt her in the form of the revelation of new details concerning her crimes. 

I don't want to offer up any more spoilers, but I will say that at first glance it appears as though Hannah could present as a possible love interest for Dexter... But can the "Avenging Angel" allow her deadly deeds to go unpunished?

I can't wait to see how this plot twist shapes up!

Update: October 31, 2012

This plot twist is really heating up!! Last episode, Dexter discovered (through spatter re-creation) that Little Miss McKay lied about her role in at least one of the murders she committed with ex-boyfriend Wayne Randall. 

Although she told police that she had been a victim herself and was merely along for the ride when the killings took place, Miami Metro's resident serial killer/blood expert was rather easily able to discern that she had a great deal more blood on her hands than she had owned up to. In spite of the fact that he looks at her like he he wants to f*ck the shit out of her, he did say something about wanting to give her what she deserves...

Gut that bitch like the pig that she is, Dex! 

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