Thursday, June 14, 2012

Magnotta: "My life is in danger and I need your help."

Magnotta: "Here is the photo of my abuse."

The massive amount of press that unrepentant narcissist Luka Magnotta is currently receiving has been under fire from the international community. So, for a change of pace, I wanted to share this photo of the suspected murderer not as he would like to be seen, but as anyone who has been following his appalling behaviour would like to see him.

Business Insider published an interesting article detailing Magnotta's relationship with a New York criminal defense lawyer named Romeo Salta. While laying low in a 10th Avenue apartment, Magnotta contacted Salta seeking legal advice, claiming that his life was in double-danger. 

He explained that a number of animal rights groups were hunting him in connection with a series of kitty-snuff videos that had been attributed to him, and that an abusive prostitution client named "Manny" had forced him to perform a host of demeaning acts -- including the kitten murders, which were filmed and posted online.

Magnotta told Salta how the former client, Manny, had been holding him captive, riddling him with persistent and depraved abuse. He said he was unable to escape Manny's clutches and powerless to disobey his commands. One of these demands had been to kill the kittens, Magnotta said. It was not his fault, Magnotta said, but Manny's.
This was, in fact, a story very similar to what serial killer Karla Homolka had told police about her husband when she was arrested in 1993. Homolka said her husband had forced her to kill several young girls.  Magnotta claims to have dated Homolka after her release from prison. Whether or not that's true is a source of debate, but what's clear is that Magnotta likely has an intimate understanding of her case.
Source: Business Insider

The aforementioned similarities to the case of convicted killer Karla Homolka are startling. Many of the degradations listed in Magnotta's chronicle of abuse reads like a page from Homolka's official statements to police concerning the murders of Leslie Mahaffy, Kristen French, and her little sister, Tammy Lyn.

Concerned citizens were largely outraged when Homolka received a light sentence in exchange for her testimony against then-husband Paul Bernardo. The petite blonde maintains that Bernardo forced her to assist him in the fulfillment of his depraved desires through years of manipulation and abuse.

List of Abuse from Manny
  1. made me drink alcohal when I didnt want to
  2. forced me to smoke marijuana
  3. made me watch shows I didnt want to watch and hit me when I changed the channel
  4. told me if I went to any doctors he would kill me, he said he was always outside watching me.
  5. strangled me with his hands and with electrical cord
  6. stabbed me with a pencil and a pen
  7. cut me with a knife because I wouldnt kiss his feet
  8. hit me in the head with a hair spray bottle
  9. held my head in a bucket of water until I couldnt breath
  10. punched me with his keys
  11. forced me to drink his urine and eat his feces
  12. spit in my face and on my Versace shirt
  13. forced me to shave all my body hair off and then cut me with the razor
  14. slammed my hand in the freezer door
  15. forced me to eat animal parts
  16. punched me and kicked me in the groin
  17. forced me to have sex with his puppy and numerous cats
  18. bought worms and made me eat them
  19. anally and orally raped me numerous times
  20. wrapped 100% of my body with plastic wrap and then cut a hole and ejaculated down my throat and I choaked on his seamen
  21. made me cut his nails and if I didnt do it properly he beat me
  22. verbally insulted me and called me horrible names like cunt,pig,slut,whore and fag
  23. stripped me of my dignity and made me feel isolated and alone
  24. made me perform oral sex on a unknown woman even though I didnt want to for a long time
  25. tied me up with duct tape and forced me to listen to my favorite song "Patience" at full volume while he fisted me in my anus
  26. made me brush his teeth for him and floss
  27. he whipped me with my cellphone charger
  28. made me have sex with him while I phoned my mother and sister
  29. he killed one of my cats by stepping on its head
  30. he told me I belonged to him and would have to have sex anytime he called and if I told anyone he would kill me and my family because he said he had all their information
  31. he made me write dozens of love letters to him and make videos of me saying I wanted to marry him
  32. he made me drink an unknown drink and I passed out and when I woke up I was bruised and could hardly move
  33. he said he knew private detectives who would hunt me down and kill me if I ever disappeared
  34. if i didnt perform oral sex the way he wanted me to then he would pull my hair and punch me
  35. when he arrived at my place I was always to be naked and if I wasnt I was beat
  36. one time he made me go with him to Central Park and lick his anus in public at night
  37. he said if i didnt stare into his eyes while he had sex with me he would cut my eyelids off and if I blinked he would insert his penis very hard in my rectum which hurt
  38. if I didnt wear the right cologne (dolce and gabana) he would make me eat soap and call me a filthy bitch
  39. I had to explain to him in detail about my sex life and if i left out a part he would slap my face
  40. if I didnt call him master he would force me to sit in the dark closet with a plastic bag over my head
  41. also i was forced to dress in womens clothing and make up and he made videos and photos of this even though I told him no and he laughed
  42. made me have sex with a black guy who was very well endowed even though I didn't want to

Mascara & Murder is hosting a copy of the collection of emails Magnotta dutifully sent to Salta, who was paid a sum of $300 for his legal advice. A little more than a year later, Jun Lin was brutally murdered and a video of the killing was posted online. Luka Magnotta remains the prime suspect in the investigation, and it is widely believed that the grisly video footage is irrefutable proof of his guilt.

Luka Magnotta's Emails to Attorney Romeo Salta (PDF)

More Information...

The Bizarre Backstory of the Alleged 'Canadian Psycho'
Business Insider (June 13, 2012)


  1. Interesting... thank you. I don't think I would have read this anywhere else. Was he trying for his own deal with the devil?? From: Timmy

  2. Kitty, I've read this earlier today and the moment I reached that part about Manny "spit on my versace shirt"... I was like WTF, is this a joke? I'm no expert but I think that if I was a victim of abuse that feared for my life, I wouldn't be so worried about D&G or Versace itens. But hey it's Magnotta. Maybe he created this whole story as an alibi for the animal cruelty because he knew he was busted. You are totally right about him emulating Karla behaviour, she played the victim role with the "he made me do it" excuse. I wonder if Luka is a copycat

  3. Timmy: Sure is food for thought, isn't it? If he is trying to emulate Homolka's legal ballet, he clearly doesn't know much about how this patriarchal society we live in really works. Had Karla been Paul's gay lover, and not his wife, the deal never would have gone through, IMO. The system simply doesn't allow for women to be considered "evil" in the same way that men are.

    Donyale: I thought the very same thing myself!!! It just doesn't seem natural to brand name-drop in the midst of a sprawling list of nightmarish abuse.

    However, to keep the "Karla" ball in play, she never ceased to amaze me in her ability to recall -- under duress -- all the brand name goods she received as a result of her unholy union with Bernardo. The fact that she had the gall to mention how pissed she had been about his use of their expensive French champagne flutes with Leslie Mahaffy speaks volumes about her character. If I were trying to minimize my involvement in the crime, I probably would have left that part out while talking to the police, but maybe that's just me.

    1. Exactly! I would also refrain myself of revealing such details but we need to remember we are talking about very dangerous people with no feelings of empathy or consciousness of guilty. They probably perceive human beings, animals, children as accessories or objects that exist solely to fulfill their needs as long they are still useful and can be discharged when they are no longer useful. So I shouldn't be surprised that they are rather worried about an expensive champagne or a versace shirt, I fear that such things for Magnotta or Karla were probably more valuable than people for example. I dunno, it's just a theory of how a psychopath mind works? Anyway, yesterday I was reading another article from orato written by Magnotta, it's called "MetroSexual: I'm So Hot", I laughed a bit with the megalomaniac and narcissist text, pay attention to the readers comments, this was back in 2007 and it even makes me a bit sorry of how desperate Luka sounded... I'm afraid that's how he imagined his life should be, he probably felt he deserved the jet-set lifestyle since he perceived himself as so 'devastating good looking':

    2. I'll never forget how sick to my stomach I felt when Homolka made sure we all knew that "Bunky," the stuffed toy she had given Leslie Mahaffy to hold while she was being murdered was an "expensive Gund teddy bear." As it is becoming more and more clear that Magnotta modeled himself after a handful of serial killer heroes, I'm not the least bit surprised that he is (or is pretending to be) just as materialistic as she is/was.

      Thanks for yet another great link -- this just got added to today's reading list :)

  4. update about 'Manny'! Luka's facebook profiles always list "Basic Instinct" as a favorite movie, he used an icepick in the murder and newspapers mentioned that Luka adopted the fake name 'Kirk Trammel' when he was in Germany on the flee.
    Sharon Stone's character i the movie is called Catherine Trammel and her fiancé's name was

    From Catherine Trammel's character history on Wikipedia: 'She was engaged to a middleweight boxer named Manuel "Manny" Vásquez, who was killed in 1984 during a prizefight in Atlantic City. Openly bisexual, she has many short-lived, empty affairs with people of both sexes, ending when she discards and kills them.'

  5. WOAH!!!!!! I've seen the movie many times, but didn't make that connection myself... You're totally all over this shit; great work!!

  6. If you ever wanna write up any articles on your research, I'd love to host them here! Let me know if you're interested!

    1. Thank you so much for the offer, wow that's so sweet, I'm flattered :) but I don't think I'm that good writing articles. I prefer leaving this difficult task for a professional blogger, you know, someone smart like you ;) I'm better doing research and lurking around... I love your blog so please keep up the good work!!!

    2. OMG! That's one of the nicest compliments I've ever received... Thank you :) Sometimes, I feel like quitting all of this, but feedback like that gives me the strength to keep it up.

      You lurk, and I'll write -- sounds good to me! I don't have as much time to lurk as I used to!

  7. Erik has been planning his master piece since at least a year ago. Every single word has a meaning. He wanted people to feel sorry for him the same way that Karla made people feel sorry for her as a battered wife.
    this is part of his facade, and he is refusing to have a psych evaluation the same way Karla refused and even though she had it, she refused to talk to the Psychiatrist. No labels here, they both don't want to be label psycho's although they are, and Luka wants to manipulate the media just as openly as creating buzz about his murder before he even killed Justin. Remember Kitty LeClaw Eric is a copy cat. He created buzz about the video bein released in the deep web even before he killed the victim. He also has at least 70 pages and once you look for him, you find him everywhere leaving his "noon cares for Luka" lonely posts here and there. Think about the epitome of a Narcissistic personality, he created a whole wolrd around his persona, where he was the master of every single bit of information that would be released, used, and spread like fire on the internet after the fact. Remember that woman Kate Gosselin the mom of 8 kids that was 100% sure she was famous, that papparazzi followed her, that she needed a body guard, that she had millions of fans around the world and soon she was replying to each negative comment that was posted about her, with different aliases so "noone" would think she was defendig herself and creating many many fans that were all herself? this is the same disorder, Narcissistic, histrionic and borderline personality disorders, Eric is just the latest Narcissistic person whose quest for fame and fortune went to lenghts that "noone"" of us would ever even though about ever, unless we worked with Mentals and we recognize those classic symptoms: they do everything in their power to call negative attention on themselves, and then play the victim as in "everybody hates me" or "noone care for me"

  8. As now classical Erik's copy cat style, he got his list of things his master made him do, from sexual slaves contracts public in pervert's websites. this is an example taken from -life a slave contract-

  9. Do you people not listen, there are body parts showing up everywhere in Ontario, even after Magnotta's arrest! This Manny person, might actually be real! I believe that Magnotta is innocent. Why isn't police searching for Manny?

    1. Although eerily similar, I can assure you that the cases are not connected.

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