Friday, June 15, 2012

eBay Pulls Magnotta Chair Off Auction Block

"Porno Killer Chair"

Berlin tabloid BZ reported that a friend of the owner of the Internet cafe where Luka Magnotta was arrested in Germany put the chair that the suspected "porno killer" had been sitting in up for sale on eBay. The item was pulled from the auction site's servers within hours of the posting, but not before bidders had already pledged over one thousand Euro for the unlikely piece of murder memorabilia.

The item was described as follows:

Magnotta was sitting in the chair calmly and unsuspecting, reading articles about himself on the web. A little later, the [alleged] murderer and cannibal was arrested thanks to the courageous behaviour of K.A.
I offer what is, outwardly, an admittedly rather unimpressive office chair, but one that is guaranteed to be an unbeatable 'conversation piece' in your home.

I am certain that this item will still sell, with or without eBay's assistance. As creepy as I find the notion of trading in "murderabilia," I don't really see how it's much different from the collection and trade of war relics. We tend to view folks who collect military memorabilia as historians, while branding those who collect Charlie Manson merchandise as morally corrupt nogoodniks. 

Killing is killing, and death is death. Why is it so hard for us to admit, as a society, that some of the bloodiest pages in our history books are also the most fascinating?


  1. wow, sad but true! I agree with the double standards about purchasing and collecting war memorabilia or Magnotta's chair. My only concern is that in this internet era this sort of auction can be perceived by some lunatics as glamourizing the killer, I mean who knows how many copycats might come after Luka because they dream of their own wikipedia page, worldwide headlines and have their memorabilia sold on ebay? Some people are hungry for attention even if means to be infamous. Anyway I don't judge the person who buy that sort of thing, yes it's morbid but part of history.

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