Monday, May 7, 2012

Dissecting Karla Homolka... Astrologically

Astrological chart compiled for Karla Homolka

If you are at all into astrology, you may find some interest in this discussion on Karla Homolka's birth chart. The contributors to this topic range from folks who hadn't heard of the case before someone posted to their forum about it, to those who lived through years of disturbing headlines while the most sensational criminal trial in Canadian history unfolded. 

The reactionary comments betray the very real sense of injustice still maintained by the general public, even after the passing of so many years. As one contributor put it:

"For every decent woman out there struggling to get married and have a kid...there's a murderer and rapist like this one who is blessed with a family and baby...funny universe isn't it."
The complete discussion can be viewed here:

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