Friday, May 4, 2012

Killer Karla Born 42 Years Ago Today

Karla Leanne Homolka

aka Karla Leanne Bernardo
aka Karla Leanne Teale
aka Leanne Teale Bordelais
aka Emily Bordelais

Born May 4, 1970
Port Credit, Ontario

Unhappy Birthday, Karly Curls


  1. yeah happy birthday to all May losers

  2. May is a wonderful month in which to be born; this piece of garbage was a tragic mishap.

  3. She's still hot.

  4. I suppose, if you're into leathery, old junk leftover from the '90s.

  5. As Karla's life slowly ticks away on her terms, celebrating another birthday in seemingly idyllic paradise, married to what must be another Luciferian, maybe she wonders about her future. She may have gotten away with murder in this life, but she will not escape the wrath of the afterlife where she will pay for her crimes. Read about people who have had near death experiences on the operating table, and come back to life screaming in terror that they had witnessed Hell. Feel sorry for the misguided bitch... WE GET AWAY WITH NOTHING... at least her victims are with God and will never have to face her again.

    1. Very well said, Anon -- thanks for your comment :)

  6. We cannot change the fact that she was born. But she should never have given birth! The canadian Court should have seen to that. These Children have a sick and perverted mother and obviously a father who is a looser. They will feel so bad when they will learn about their parents, probably when they reach puberty, and they might feel disgusted about themselves and their hopeless situation, feel the shame. There are great risks that they will commit suicide, or take to violent means against the society that didn´t protect them, take drugs and become violent. Iam still amazed that Canada isn´t doing anything to prevent that, and they leave the responsability to France, only because the father is Guadeloupe born. His syster Sylvie took a hudge risk, and she shoud be considered responsible too.