Friday, April 6, 2012

Rafferty Trial Evidence Released

As the trial against accused child killer Michael Rafferty progresses, a virtual mountain of evidence has been released to the media. Perhaps the most damning of all, the smoking gun, if you will, is represented by the evidence submitted by a woman who has already confessed to assisting Rafferty in the abduction, rape, and murder of 8 year old Victoria (Tori) Elizabeth Marie Stafford.

As much as I despise those who raise their hands in violence against anyone, let alone utterly defenseless children, I feel as though I must give some credit to Terri-Lynn McClintic for having the guts to own up to her unforgivable actions.

Confessed, convicted accomplice in the horrendous sex-killings of 3 Ontario teens Karla Homolka (now a wife, mother, teacher, and entrepreneur) could learn a lot from this self-proclaimed 18 year-old junkie.

Rather than attempting to use her own tale of woe as an excuse for the inexcusable, McClintic has admitted, flat-out, that she is wholly and fully responsible for Tori's death. In confessing her own guilt, her aim is not to absolve her ex-lover Rafferty of his own wrongdoings, but rather to accept responsibility for her own.

They planned to kidnap a little girl together. They snatched Tori together. They were together when Tori was enduring the most horrific final hours imaginable. They were together when Tori was killed.

It is the opinion of the author that it hardly seems to matter who actually wielded the weapon at the time when the final blow was struck. I doubt that the grim details mattered much to Tori, either.

Both of those assholes betrayed her.

McClintic's version of "Mike's Knife"
vs. the real thing

McClintic inside a Home Depot store to make
fatal purchase of a claw hammer, garbage bags

Rural road leading to the spot where Tori was murdered

More Information

London Free Press (April 4, 2012)

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