Monday, April 9, 2012

Life without adults "tricky" for Runaway Devil

Poor J.R.

Who knew that killing off one's role models would have such a detrimental affect on regular life? If only she could go back in time, and somehow un-murder her Mother, Father, and little brother in order to more easily fit in amongst society.

Life's a bitch when you're a slaughtering psychopath.

August 15, 2012: The story below moved to a new link; updated.

Girl who murdered her Medicine Hat family wins curfew extension
Sherri Zickefoose, Calgary Herald
March 30, 2012
Adjusting to regular life after being in custody since the age of 12 will be challenging, Crown prosecutor Ramona Robins told reporters outside court.

"She doesn't know how to do fundamental things that we all learn from adults in our lives. She's learned them from the people who are paid to be the adult in her life, that's a tricky aspect," said Robins.

The girl's next sentencing review hearing is slated for the fall. She is serving the maximum youth sentence of 10 years. She is in the final stretch of a four-phase program of stabilization, intensive therapy, transition and re-integration.
The girl's accomplice, Jeremy Allan Steinke, is hoping for a new murder trial after filing an appeal of his 2008 guilty verdict that sent him to jail for at least 25 years.

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