Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Terri-Lynne McClintic Climbed Deadly Ladder

McClintic strikes a "gangsta" pose (Facebook)

Confessed and convicted child-killer Terri-Lynne McClintic violent history was entered as evidence in the ongoing murder trial against her former lover, Michael Rafferty.

"I’m not denying that I have a history of violence, but I'm not violent towards children and I've never hurt a child in my life. To try to fathom and comprehend the fact that a child lost their life by my hands is something I could not comprehend." 

Terri-Lynne's troubles with the law began with two assault charges stemming from altercations with her adoptive mother, Carol McClintic. Terri-Lynne choked her mother with her left hand as she punched her in the face with her right hand after the two got into an argument over the fact that Terri-Lynne had been dismissed from work. Carol McClintic suffered partial vision loss as a result.

The second charge resulted from Terri-Lynne punching her mother in the back of the head after the two got into a "mutual confrontation." Terri-Lynne alledged that she punched her mother after Carol burned her with a cigarette.

Carol McClintic (Police File Photo)

Once inside the Youth Criminal Justice System, Terri-Lynne McClintic racked up a number of additional assault charges, mostly with regard to altercations with other incarcerated young offenders. A journal that Terri-Lynne kept while serving time was given centre-stage at Rafferty's trial:

  • "Respect"  an entry detailing the (fictional) killing of another person.
  • "Locked Up"  an entry detailing an (actual) incident where McClintic stabbed someone during a robbery. According to police records, McClintic brandished a knife as she approached two men and demanded money or drugs. McClintic stabbed one of the men, and the police arrived on the scene shortly thereafter. Although the officers had their guns drawn, Terri-Lynne resisted arrest and punched one of the officers in the face.

Michael Rafferty's lawyer, Dirk Derstine, suggested to Terri-Lynne McClintic that she had no remorse. McClintic replied that she "didn't feel certain emotions" at the time.

When McClintic was questioned by police regarding the disappearance of Woodstock, Ontario Grade 3 student Tori Stafford, she admitted that she had been present during the kidnap, sexual assault, and murder of the little girl, but told her interrogator that it had been Rafferty who killed Tori with a claw hammer that had been purchased earlier that day. On the witness stand at Rafferty's trial, however, McClintic told a different story: she told the packed courtroom that it had been her who fatally bludgeoned the child.

"Yes, it did take me time to come to terms with that. But now I have come to terms with that and I'm sitting here today telling the truth. And it doesn't get any more real than that. My testimony wouldn't be any different a year from today than it is today."

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