Friday, March 30, 2012

Runaway Devil Almost Free

"J.R." aka Runaway Devil

The girl known only as "J.R." who was convicted of killing her own parents and little brother when she was only 12 years old is almost free.

J.R. is currently in the fourth and final stage of her "sentence," known as Intensive Rehabilitative Custody and Supervision (IRCS). She appeared in court via closed-circuit television on March 30, 2012 for a bi-annual assessment of her progress. 

She began her 10-year sentence at a psychiatric hospital, and was officially released to a group home in 2011 so that she could begin her "reintegration into the community." Since then, she has enrolled as a University student in Calgary, and has even accepted a part-time job.

Justice Scott Brooker, who headed up the review panel, seemed overly sympathetic of the teen's plight:

"She's been in custody since she was 12-years-old, I'm sure it's a terrifying experience."

As terrifying as it must have been for little Jacob Richardson to look into his big sister's cold, dead eyes as she fatally stabbed him in the chest? Only the Big Buddha in the sky can know for certain, but personally, I have my doubts.

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CBC News (March 30, 2012)


  1. Why are they letting her out at all?

    This is ridiculous!

  2. Sadly, given the laws governing juvenile offenders in Canada, the system has no choice; she was given the maximum allowable penalty under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

    Worse still, if she manages to stay out of trouble, her criminal record will disappear 5 years after she is released.

  3. get a grip she was 12 she has to carry that for the rest of her life it was the nob of a boyfriend hope he rots the cunt

  4. I don't know that I agree, Anon; I knew enough about life and death at the age of 12 not to allow my typical, teenage complaints to result in my family's bloody massacre...

    Given that she was intellectually developed enough to find a variety of methods to circumvent the rules her parents set, I would confidently wager that she was far more in control of her circumstances than the YCJA would have us believe.

  5. I find her a very interesting case... Only due to the fact that Canada has some very hopeful ideas on reabiltating there citizens.