Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Smirnis Brothers: Where are they now?

The Smirnis brothers were childhood friends of Paul Bernardo who lived across the street, and later became an integral part of his eventual capture. It is widely known that Van Smirnis introduced Bernardo to the easy money lifestyle of smuggling alcohol and cigarettes across the U.S./Canadian border. 

Steve and Paul had a falling out in the early 80's after Steve became briefly involved with Paul's love interest at the time, Nadine B. The relationship between Paul and Steve was never fully repaired, although Paul travelled to Texas to attend Steve's wedding in 1987.

In the summer of 1990, Alex Smirnis and his wife provided information to police about their suspicions that Paul may have been the Scarborough rapist. However, their tip was ultimately dismissed by police after interviewing Bernardo.

Two years later, Van Smirnis contacted police about Bernardo much in the same way that his brother had, suspecting that he may be the Scarborough rapist. Paul was again questioned by police, who decided (again) that the bright, professional young man before them couldn't possibly be the monster they were looking for. Paul wasn't arrested until February 17, 1993, after forensic testing had confirmed his involvement in several of the rapes in Scarborough.

Van Smirnis appeared on the Maury Povich Show after Paul was sentenced, along with a number of other folks associated with the case, including Karla Homolka's aunt, Patti Seger; the first person that Karla spoke to about the murders. The transcript of this interview is available through WKH2012.

At present, the Smirnis brothers are all alive and well, and can be found on Facebook.

Van, Alex, and Steve

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  1. Nadine really looks like Jody Foster, at least in this picture.

    I've never heard her name before, at least that I recall. What does she have to say about Paul; are there any previous posts anywhere?

    1. Hahaha, she does! I hadn't noticed, but you're right!

      There was some background information concerning Nadine's relationship with Paul in DEADLY INNOCENCE; I'll post about it (hopefully later today).

      Thanks for visiting :)

    2. Here's the post -- hot off the press!

  2. I read about Karla and Paul Homolka, Bernardo. Teale, whatever, YEARS ago, one of the first books, and always wondered what happened to their friends that I knew had told police how closely Paul fit the picture of the Scarborough rapist.. Kind of glad I found this, and I found it by accident. Good to know the Smirnis men are happy, and normal!! I would be totally freaked out and creeped out if I had a friend I later discovered had done all the things Paul, and later Paul and Karla did. I do agree, that karla should not have gotten the deal she did, they are both psychopathic. Are the Ford's still together? So odd, they had everything going for them, and were the devil reincarnate..

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