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Bernardo's First Love

Paul Bernardo's relationship with high school sweetheart Nadine B. was explored to a certain extent by Scott Burnside and Alan Cairns in Deadly Innocence.

It's actually quite startling to compare his first serious relationship to the one which ultimately produced three dead teenagers. The crucial difference between Nadine and Karla Homolka is the fact that Nadine knew enough to walk away from the serial rapist in the making while Homolka did everything she could to keep him by her side -- including offering up her sister for the Christmas Eve rape that ended her life.

Deadly Innocence
Chapter 6 (Excerpt)
His first love was Nadine B., a diminutive and attractive blonde who, most students felt, could have had almost any guy she desired. Nadine shared an apartment with her older sister, and Van was there the night Paul and Nadine had sex for possibly the first time. Soon after this, Paul and Nadine began dating exclusively. Paul bought her red roses and diamond earrings. They exchanged love letters. They swapped T-shirts and other gifts.

She affectionately called him "Scoundrel" and he romantically called her "Princess." They fell deeply in love with each other.As far as sex was concerned, Paul was the least pushy guy she'd ever encountered. Nadine was filled with respect for Paul because they'd chatted at length about having sex and they had taken precautions to avoid pregnancy. Paul wore condoms. As far as Nadine was concerned, she couldn't have had a more caring and kind lover to take her virginity.
In one love letter, Paul wrote:
"Made for loving each other. Princess and Scoundrel, together for eternity."  
The two even drew up phoney marriage licenses in which Bernardo, or the husband, agreed to turn over to his wife Nadine all money and dispose of his little black book of numbers. In return, Nadine was to give him carfare and "any other favours the he might find appropriate." Van recalls Paul saying he wanted to move in with Nadine, but she already had the security her sister's apartment offered.
Nadine's friends weren't surprised by her close attachment to Paul; she was a needy, insecure young girl who didn't want to be alone. And yet she would complain about Paul trying to dominate and rule her. She often complained about how demanding he was and that Paul didn't want her to do anything without his giving approval first. 
She didn't say it publicly, but Nadine's friends knew she was fed up,  if not downright scared of what Paul might do in the wrong circumstances.
Their love affair lasted from June 1980 to the spring of 1981. Nadine told friends they'd split up by mutual consent because they were worried about the strong feelings they had for each other at such a young age. But it was more profound than that. 
Nadine and Paul were not seeing eye to eye about a visit Steve Smirnis paid her. Nadine was fond of Steve and the two of them were drawn into necking on the couch. Suddenly, Steve saw Paul's framed photograph on the table and asked Nadine if they were still an item. When Nadine said yes Steve pulled away from her and left.
Steve couldn't believe his ears that night when Paul stood outside the Smirnis home shouting and screaming at him; in an effort to make Paul jealous, Nadine had called him and told him abut her short tryst with Steve. Steve wouldn't go outside because he knew Paul was crazed and he didn't want to start a fight. After he kicked in the taillight of Steve's car, Paul gathered up all the presents and knickknacks Nadine had given him, piled them into a steel barrel on his parents' front lawn, and set fire to them.
In the weeks after this explosive fit, Paul apologized to Steve and the two renewed their friendship, but it was never the same. From then on, Van became Paul's closest friend.


  1. I saw Karla homolka last monday in a mall called Destreland in Baie Mahault, Guadeloupe. She was shopping in a "carrefour" hypermarket with her daughter. Seem perfectly normal and a good mother ... Then she go back to her appartment in a small blue car. She live in residence Maïmounia in Les Abymes city. Nobody know her in Guadeloupe. She have a normal and peacefull life.

    1. We'd love to see a photo or Residence Maimouna, if you have one...

    2. Russell Williams also "seem[ed] perfectly normal and a good [husband]". "Seem" means absolutely nothing.

      "Peaceful", maybe (sad, if true). "Normal"? Not on your life.

  2. Any word on the last girlfriend Marie Magritt?


    1. Good question! I suspect that's not her real name, as I haven't been able to turn up any information on her whatsoever (which is strange; there's a hit for everything these days).

      I had heard that she has visited him numerous times since his arrest.

  3. Your information is slanderous lies and we are not going to play the game of “he said, she said”! Your sources are not reliable and they were bogus when they were first printed many years ago. People have written books in order to profit from these crimes! Even though the GENUINE facts and evidence were shocking enough about the criminals behind bars, that wasn’t enough entertainment for their audience. Many writers took it upon themselves to fabricate and lie about information in order to boost their sales and expand their audience.

    TOO MANY people think that if it is written in print, it’s true, well, sorry to say, but it is DEFINITELY NOT!!

    Your sources are not reliable and a lot of them are from “rag magazines”! Almost identical to papers that everyone is aware of that have been sued many, many times.

    The victims here should not have to pay a lawyer to go after them or YOU for printing these slanderous lies. They did nothing wrong and are decent people!

    What right do you have to take people’s photos and print them on this site, without their permission? Those photos were not originally posted for you to use as a source of entertainment. You have interfered with people’s businesses, careers and lives! In many cases, it took over 20 years for this bad publicity to stop and to no longer have threads on the Internet and then you come along and dig everything up from the grave, for no apparent reason, only to make the victims suffer all over again.

    Everyone has an opinion on a horrible crime, but that doesn’t give you the right to post personal photos or information about the victims that were dragged through it all by no fault of their own many years later!

    NOBODY that is decent wants to be connected to these horrible crimes when they are innocent.

    The person/people that committed these crimes are punished and they should be! BUT LEAVE THE VICTIMS ALONE!


    Your goal IS to inflict pain, because if you had any common decency, you would realize that digging up a horrible tragedy that happened many years ago for no apparent, feasible reason, BUT TO CAUSE A REACTION, is just wrong on so many levels!

    Your sources are NOT reliable! Your information is based on people that were NOT directly involved. You are not a lawyer, you do not have the knowledge or authority to “determine what should or shouldn’t be printed!”

    If you want to “sort out what happened many years ago”, than do it in your own head, don’t hurt everyone that was dragged through it all.

    I am sure that you have heard of the phrase “being raped twice”. Well, that’s what you are doing to these innocent people by posting personal information about them. You are inflicting pain on them, SO STOP!

    If you have “taken to heart” what we have said, than show some respect to the families that are still hurting! Think the next time before you post something about the innocent parties! How it will affect the rest of their lives, their careers and everyone around them!

    Just because you CAN, does NOT mean that you should!!!

    1. With all due respect, discussion of this case and the people involved has never stopped; it has continued to this day due to the ripple effect that it has had on society as a whole.

      As I said in my previous reply (you're post-jumping), I am more than willing to evaluate any information you think may be incorrect but I am not about to abandon the opinions I have formed through years of research based upon one person's broad and non-specific criticism. For what it's worth, all the material presented here is already available online, publicly and for free. If people out there are looking for this information (and they are), they can find it themselves easily enough.

      Yes, I have heard the phrase "being raped twice," and I have also heard that "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." I am truly sorry that the horrifying details of this case aren't disappearing from the collective consciousness quickly enough for your liking.

      Believe it or not, I do think often of the real victims in this utter tragedy; I think of them every single day as I am looking over my shoulder as I get off the bus, walk down the street, and fumble with my keys at the front door - especially late at night.

      If you, or someone you know, is associated with this case - through name or otherwise - I am truly sorry for you. However, blaming me for the fact that Google never forgets is not going to change the fact that these things happened and that real people were involved. Refusing to discuss the past cannot undo it.

      You will notice that I have treated the victims with the utmost respect; you won't find any murder transcripts, crime scene photos, or leaked autopsies on this blog. Along this line, I find your use of the word "raped" to emphasize your point somewhat troubling unless you were one of Bernardo/Homolka's young assault victims. People actually *were* raped in this awful case, and some of those attacks go unacknowledged and unprosecuted to this day.

      I have made some edits to a number of posts, as I meant what I said about taking your comments and suggestions to heart. You are correct, I am not a lawyer, and I do not profess to know everything. However, concerning the content of this blog, I most certainly do have "the authority to determine what should or shouldn't be printed." Furthermore, once something has been posted publicly on the Internet, it ceases to be personal and private information.

      You can demonize me, personally, all you like but that doesn't change the fact that these links you are referring to already exist and most likely will into the foreseeable future.

  4. Waste of time, you just don't get it!

    Yes, thanks to people like you, digging up these links, adding to them, will haunt the victims for the rest of their lives!

    1. I'm really not sure I understand why you have chosen to single out the material found here when none of my posts are the first one sees after performing a simple search on any of the people involved with this case. All of these are names we have heard before; certainly, I am not the first to have discussed them.

      I wish I had the power to make it so that (insert name here) never had the unfortunate experience of crossing paths with mongrels like Bernardo and Homolka, but obviously, I cannot. History writes itself.

      I have modified some of the content which I believe you are primarily concerned with, and honestly wish you the peace you are searching for.

    2. Specifically, I removed the photos of Nadine B. because although they were placed in the public domain she really doesn't deserve any more undue attention because of who she happened to date a million years ago. Just because some people are curious doesn't always mean we need to know, and I am willing to admit that my interest in this case got the better of me (as it does sometimes!).


  5. Well said Kitty. IMI remembering the past & what those two monsters did to all those innocent young women IS respecting the victims, as opposed to sweeping the crimes under the carpet for the convenience of living in denial as Homolka so desperately wants to do. The attention to these horrible cases is very relevant legally, socially & morally - especially considering one half of the
    murderous team, Leanne Teale Bordelais, is living freely as if none of her atrocities occurred. The
    victims, nor the crimes should never be

    Bordelais, is able to

    1. Thanks for that, Anon :)

      I feel the same way that you do, that under the carpet is no place for the innocent young girls who lost their lives to the Bernardo/Homolka folly. I am truly sorry for those who have gained notoriety from this case through indirect associations, and I will do my best to be more considerate regarding what I post in the future.

      However... those who kill and/or actively support killers are fair game, IMO.

    2. does anyone not find it extremely odd and kind of sick that Karla choose to keep part of her name as Teale?

  6. And for the record, all of the info I've come across on this site is 100% accurate. Methinks this StopStoptheViolence person feels threatened by this. (Interesting choice of username as well).

    1. Thanks, Anon :) I really appreciate your comments!

      I strive to ensure that the information presented on this blog is accurate and factual; if STOPSTOPTHEVIOLENCE felt that certain posts were based on incorrect information, I would welcome the opportunity to set the record straight. If the material published in any of the well-known sources of information about this case (books, etc.) is wrong, I want to know about it!

  7. If you strive to ensure the information presented on this blog is accurate and factual you need to strive harder. A lot of the stuff you post is, in fact, incorrect. And you do not use "well known sources of information" when you start posting Facebook pages under made up names claiming they're "so and so". You really should do better research and confirm BEFORE you post. I thought this page would be informative but it's nothing more than tabloid junk.

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