Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jeremy Steinke Abandons Appeal

Jackie May's shrine to her son, Jeremy

Convicted triple-murderer Jeremy Steinke has abandoned an appeal application he had filed earlier this year. He appeared before his case management officer on Tuesday, May 15, and made his decision not to move forward with the application known:

Wearing a blue prison jumpsuit and with his hair freshly shaved into a mohawk, Steinke replied "Yes ma'am" when asked by the case management officer if he wished to give up his appeal.
Because he had filed the notice under his new moniker of Jackson May, he was also required to sign Jeremy Steinke to the paperwork to make it official.
Steinke had filed notice of his appeal too late and had the option of asking the court to extend his time. In his document he called the Dec. 5, 2008, decision by a Calgary jury "an unreasonable verdict."
Source: Winnipeg Free Press 

Steinke's ex-girlfriend, and puppet master in her family's murder -- The Almighty Jaxz -- is currently serving out the final stage of her 10-year sentence in the community, where she reportedly works while attending Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta.