Thursday, May 31, 2012

INTERPOL Hunting Luka Magnotta

INTERPOL: Magnotta Most Wanted

My feelings of shock and disbelief have been effectively replaced by feelings of horror and unbridled disgust. This story got really real, really fast. Luka Magnotta -- suspected of killing, degrading, cannibalizing, and then posting it all online before sending out a slew of grisly "packages" -- is now listed as one of INTERPOL's most wanted.

I received an anonymous comment yesterday from someone who believes they spotted Magnotta in Hamilton, Ontario, and submitted the tip to authorities:

"I am pretty sure I sited him on Tuesday the day before the story broke connecting him to the murder while I was on the bus. I called it in to my Police Department today.
He was actually quite attractive, which is what caught my attention. I checked him out through out my 5 minute bus ride and considered talking to him. So glad I didn't. Was slapped in the face when I innocently followed a facebook story about the foot in the mail and his picture popped up.
He resembles these pictures more than the ones they are showing in the media...more normal looking without the make up or cheesy modeling poses:
he is also sporting a tan and upper arms (biceps are very muscular)but he's still small a swimmers body i'd say. he was wearing a black t-shirt, shorts and wearing a backpack.
he was very aware of his surroundings making sure not to be in anyones way on the bus. i interpreted this as him being really respectful, but now i see that perhaps he was on edge or being overly cautious. he took my seat once i got off the bus."

Luka Magnotta: Spotted in Hamilton?

So many questions are racing through my head at the moment, namely: how can this be real?

But it is real. The video is real, and there seems to be little doubt that it very clearly shows Luka Magnotta, Internet Crazy cum Cannibalistic Necrophile, doing something that not even Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka could bring themselves to do; capturing the death of another human being on film.

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