Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Six Degrees of Runaway Devil

Runaway Devil by Sherri Zickefoose and Robert Remington is the single largest source of information on the case of 12 year old JR, who became the youngest Canadian ever convicted of multiple murder.

Marc, Debra, and little Jacob Richardson are dead. Their daughter, JR, who was convicted of their murders is currently serving her 10 year sentence in the community. She is enrolled in University, and even has a part-time job. Meanwhile, her then-boyfriend and accomplice in the killings will most likely never experience life outside his prison cell.

JR's trial was deeply shrouded in secrecy and publication restriction, as the Canadian Youth Criminal Justice Act sets out to protect the identities of young offenders. This is why Runaway Devil is such an important book; it offers concerned and fascinated citizens alike the opportunity to at least try to understand what went so horribly wrong on that tragic night in April, 2006.

I recently found a copy of the book for sale online ($1.99 for a gently-used hard cover) in order to refresh my memory, and discovered something on Page 45 which made me do a double-take: a quote on the "gothic" subculture from one of my ex-boyfriends!

Totally silly, I know, but I was young, and hanging with the goth kids from the Big City made me feel "cool."

Purely for shits and giggles, I present my own, personal six degrees of separation:

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