Monday, March 26, 2012

Terri-Lynne was "Trigger Happy"

Terri-Lynne McClintic wrote the following note to one of her "homies" while incarcerated as a juvenile offender:


  1. I have two years of letters from this sick bitch, from masturbating with Barbi dolls stuck up her cooch at 6, to loving and manipulating the men who supposedly molested her. All letters in her own hand. There's nothing innocent about this pedophile. Some sicko named Susan Brock from Curve Lake wants to justify her actions in a "poor me" book. CONTACT me @289-933-4244 and u all can read the real coward who uses and only picks on the weak. Or contact her real close friends Keeley Shipway of London, another weird, oops sorry and of course all her male penpals D.J. Billy, Daniel etc. I have names and they all should be named for even writing the bitch.

  2. I'd like to speak to u Kitty.

  3. Fuck off Keeley ain't her friend that's my wife goof u don't know shit she tormented that child killer in jail don't mention my wife