Thursday, March 8, 2012

Open Letter to The Fifth Estate: Release the Karla Homolka Broadcast

Update: August 17, 2012 --> The Karla Homolka broadcast has been made available for download -- please see this page for more details.

Open Letter to The Fifth Estate:

First and foremost, I grew up watching The Fifth Estate, and I think that your program is by far the best documentary series out there. Your entire crew is thoughtful, diligent, and the great amount of work they put into each and every episode is appreciated.
Now, on to my question... Why is perhaps the most well-known and revealing documentaries you have ever produced -- The Karla Homolka Episode -- not currently available for viewing online?
I couldn't help but notice that the video timeline seems to stop just short of the Homolka broadcast. There are conspiracy theoriests out there who would suggest there's a reason it's not on the menu :)
Thanks for the great shows!

If you feel that this important broadcast should be made available, please take a moment to sign the petition:


  1. It's common knowledge why this episode is hard to find: it apparently uses extracted footage showing the sexual assault of Homolka's sister. If this is true, striving to locate it, and reaching for frankly ridiculous arguments about the freedom to watch whatever you want to rationalise viewing it, might suggest that your obsession with this case is anything but healthy. And if that's true, you wouldn't be the first creep to epitomise the irony of pointing out the obvious that Homolka is sick only to be sick yourself.

  2. And you wouldn't be the first creep to reduce pervasive interest in this case to such an utterly base foundation as the glorification of those girls' suffering.

    My interest lies not in the minute amount of extracted footage of the event which ultimately led to Karla serving "two for Tammy," but I respect your right to maintain your lofty moral seat.

  3. just leave her alone, she has kids, for the sake of the kids ,leave her alone,ok

    1. Please DON'T leave her alone, she has kids, for the sake of the kids safety, keep an eagle eye on them when they're with her, OK?

      BTW, I grew up with a mother who was a version of Karla Homolka, and I can promise you - with every fibre of my being - that those children are being abused and are in danger, but in ways that won't leave obvious physical scars (or at least not ones that Karla won't be able to explain away). But the psychological and emotional scars they will bear, and the sheer amount of damage they'll have to try to overcome, will be immense. And I'm not speaking here of them finding out she is a serial killer, torturer and rapist. I imagine that news will actually come as a relief to them, because it will validate their fears and reactions. And reading all these many blogs will validate for them - at least somewhat - that people outside their immediate family cared for their wellbeing and remained watchful.

      The only reason I am alive today is because someone in my life - who was likewise prevented from actively intervening - was actively "watching" my sadistic mother. And I thank God for that every single day.

      Just why are we Canadians prevented from intervening for Karla's children, even though all statistics say they are at risk? If the genders were reversed, and it was Paul we were talking about here with Karla sitting in jail, those kids would have been removed in a heartbeat - regardless of any existing evidence of present abuse.

      I am TIRED of Karla's "rights" superceding everyone else's rights - especially the rights of her children. And I am tired of all these sanctimonious Karla supporters accusing people here of being creepy. I can tell you that as a victim of severe abuse people who suspected lined up two ways - ones who were troubled but didn't know what to do or were frightened, and those who secretly thrilled in the abuse of another and covertly supported it. All the Karla supporters I see on here and other sites seem to be in the latter group. I've yet to see one of them express concern for Karla's children's well-being when in her "care".