Monday, February 27, 2012

Law, Psychiatry and the Remaking of Karla Homolka

For those who enjoy scholarly reading, here's an interesting article I found discussing the case of Karla Homolka from a psychological and legal perspective.

"She remains caught in the maelstrom of public demonisation. Sympathy for this devil is constrained by her moral vacuity, by her desire for the Hollywood order of things - cute boyfriend, great looks, fancy wedding, perfect marriage, neat house - inverted, a wedding and three funerals, four if we count the only death she seems to mourn, that of her relationship with Bernardo. [...] The gap between law and the psy disciplines in the face of the problem of evil in women is painfully apparent in Galligan's struggle to comprehend and contain the findings of law's junior discourse. The fracture between criminal justice and social notions of justice is wider than ever."

Law, psychiatry and the remaking of Karla Homolka
Anne McGillivray, International Journal of the Legal Profession, 5:2-3, 255-288

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