Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Will You Die For Me?" by Charles 'Tex' Watson

I came upon the text from Charles "Tex" Watson's memoirs while (unsuccessfully) hunting for a PDF of Susan Atkins' jailhouse epic: Child of Satan, Child of God.

Will You Die For Me? is notable primarily because, in this book, Watson admits that it was he who stabbed to death actress Sharon Tate, who was married to acclaimed Hollywood film-maker Roman Polanski

Prior to Watson's admission, there had been a great deal of confusion surrounding which of the "Family" members had actually wielded the knife on that fateful night in the summer of 1968. Not surprisingly, none among them wanted to take responsibility for brutally murdering Tate, who was more than eight months pregnant and revered the world over for her unmatched beauty. 

The book's text is available for free through Watson's web site, Unbounding Love Ministries.

Will You Die For Me? (PDF, 102 pgs)


  1. Oh FuCK ME!!!!!! OMG!!!! How much am I aloud to curse in here??

  2. I have read that book twice and very proud to mention that he is a very good friend of mine