Thursday, August 2, 2012

Karla Homolka makes appearance in Deadlight game

Gaming forums are abuzz with talk of the strange "collectibles" featured in Deadlight, a survival horror platform game released on August 1, 2012. 

The story follows Canadian Mountie hero Randall Wayne as he slashes through zombies on his way from Vancouver, British Columbia to Seattle, Washington in search of his kidnapped wife and daughter. Along the way, the hero encounters a number of corpses with I.D. cards bearing the names of notorious serial killers. Among the 15 cards (which can be collected by the player) is #9: Karla L. Homolka.

It's possible that Homolka's appearance in the game is due to increased awareness about her life and crimes resulting from the recent e-book, Finding Karla, by Paula Todd. However, anyone who has managed a web site, blog, or forum featuring information about Homolka can tell you that public interest in her never really went away; it simply went underground, just as she did.

If anybody has a screen grab of Homolka's I.D. in Deadlight, I would love to post it here.

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  1. Almost a year late but i just took this screenie in the game. I had to because her and Paul performed their crimes in the city I live in so the name was very familiar.

    Then i googled Karla Homolka Deadlight and found this article.
    You took the time to write about it, i'll take the time to share the screenie.