Sunday, April 22, 2012

Haunting Karla Homolka

I dug up an article related to the tidbit posted yesterday about how Karla Homolka had enlisted the help of a local psychic to exorcise any demons which may have been haunting the home she shared with Paul Bernardo at 57 Bayview Drive.

The snippet I found wasn't sourced; if you happen to know which newspaper this appeared in, please let me know!


  1. I hope she is still being haunted as long as it doesn't affect her family ...

  2. I hope her & her family are forever haunted by what Karla did to those young girls Kristen French, Leslie Mahafffy, Tammy Homolka & countless others. It was very selfish & foolish of Homolka to have children & I question her motivation. Lest we forget she is a psychopath. She's just using her family to escape her past & gain public sympathy (which obviously isn't working). This woman should not be out of prison.

    1. Personally speaking, I believe her motivation remains unchanged from when we all first came to know her through the case against her ex-husband.

      All the vile and unthinkable things she did, she did in a desperate effort to achieve the widely socially accepted version of a "perfect" life: husband brings home the bacon in support of his devoted wife. And we all know what devoted wives do, they bear children! I figured it was only a matter of time after she was released from prison that we'd hear she had procreated.

      I've always had the impression that Karla knew (or assumed) exactly how here life would be even before she met any of the key players. She has always known exactly what she wanted, and simply filled in the blanks.

      What's really scary to me is the fact that "accidentally" selecting a serial rapist and (eventual) murderer as her first husband doesn't seem to have discouraged her in the slightest from going right back out there to claim the antiquated notion of "perfection" that had been denied her for just over a decade.

  3. Hi there Kitty ... thank you so very much for all the time and dedication you have devoted to your site, as well as your insight.

    I could be wrong, but I believe that this article might have been printed in The Toronto Star ... I recognize the HOMOLKA cutline font as being used in The Star back in '93-'94.

  4. How can she have kids and get to raise them r they going to be her next victims or the next killers ?