Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Paul Bernardo Police Interview (June 2007)

Karla Homolka's ex-husband, convicted serial rapist and murderer Paul Bernardo sat down for an interview with Toronto Police Services Sex Crimes Unit in June, 2007.

The purpose of the interview was to shed light a number of unsolved crimes that took place during the time Bernardo was operating as the Scarborough Rapist. In particular, the police were hoping to extract some information on the disappearance of Elizabeth Bain (Bernardo denies any involvement).

The interview offers a rare glimpse into the fractured mind of a Dangerous Offender:

Paul Bernardo Interview withToronto Police Service
Sex Crimes Unit, June 2007

Paul Bernardo Interview with Toronto Police Service
Sex Crimes Unit, June 2007
 (YouTube Video)


  1. Please forgive my ignorance to this case at this time. I just recently found out about this. I'm where all of you were years ago. I'm trying to read up what I can without asking a million questions.
    I'm confused about the comment that he made saying, "We did Tammy up in July." What is he referring to? I thought this took place for the first time on Christmas eve.

    1. No need to apologize -- questions are good :)

      There is reason to believe that the Christmas Eve attack on Tammy wasn't the first time that she was assaulted by Bernardo, and this is what he is referring to in the statement you quoted. On one occasion, friends of Tammy's who visited the Homolka home complained that their drinks tasted "funny."

      If it's true that Tammy had been been assaulted prior to the Christmas Eve incident, than it casts a shadow over Karla's testimony that she did what Paul asked her because it would just be a "one time thing" and would shut Paul up. If the night she died wasn't the first time, Karla damn well knew that giving in to him wouldn't make him stop, it only made things worse.

      IMHO, I don't think Tammy's death was accidental at all. I think Karla was violently jealous of her sister, and saw to it that Tammy didn't live to see another day.

    2. Thank you! Im glad you are willing to help me understand this. I first saw this movie on lifetime network. I had watched "Karla" and another show. I did some research on that, and found it was based on true life events, learning that it had been changed a bit for dramatic purposes. That led me to look into the "karla movie that I had watched. I found that the movie was a full true story. FOund your blog, and well, here I am :)
      I am reading up on here today. I can't get all the way through the fireside chat transcript at this time. I get nauseous at a certain point and move on to something else.
      I understand a bit more now why people think she is as guilty as Bernardo. I've been going back and forth.

    3. How do you think the situation as it's depicted in the movie "Karla" compares to what you've read about the crimes? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts, as you came in fresh, without any prior knowledge of the case.

    4. Hello Miss Kitty. As your question didn't receive a reply I will answer it from my point of view.
      I thought the movie Karla was almost a defence for her. Making her out to be a victim like the murdered girls. It sickened me.
      I truly believed she killed all three girls. She lied through her back teeth about everything. And she literally got away with murder.

  2. i have been researching this case periodically for many years now, i have come to believe though bernardo is responsible for the rapes i beileve that Homolka is more in the wrong. Bernardo had raped 19 women before meeting Homolka and never once murdered one. some were hurt but they survived. I think that bernardo needed these girls like a crack addict needs their crack. Karla on the other hand encouraged him to torture these young women and all 3 murders happended after they were together which leaves me to believe what happened?
    i think although Homolka claims she was okay with him and these younger women she was not actually. I think that she was jealous of the attention he would give them so she encouraged him to torture them.
    Bernardo would take long drives and take hours and sometimes days to scope out the women he wanted to have, and after he would always keep something of theirs. at one point he kept a box of cereal because Tammy ate out of it.
    He was emotionally attached to these women.

    going back to Karla, at one point they were talking about her sister and she said " although Tammy dying is sad, it is not emotionally devistating". Bernardo claims thats why he had beat her so badly in 1993 because it was " fucked up" the way she was thinking. If what she said was true than this proves alot more to her. If she is fine that she murdered her own sister and Bernardo is devistated over it than how do you think she would be with killing a stranger.

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