Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Serial Killer in Guadeloupe?"

Sorry, the above video is only available in French.


  1. Does anyone know if she's still in Guadeloupe? People are starting to write letters & email French president Francois Hollande to have her extradited from the island. I hope he listens.

  2. i am guadeloupean and am prepared to go fsr, using legal means to try to make the population more aware- the last Three years, there has been an increasing amount of criminality in Guadeloupe, and the number of police has grown, Guadeloupe is loosing some of its previous good reputation. My Point is that we do not need a serial rapist and kiler on top of that, even if she has been in prison already. Perhaps we cannot send her back there, but we can ask for her extradiction. But the problem is that no government would dare tell the canadian government, that their Court made a huge misstake.