Monday, February 20, 2012

Excerpt from Slain Woman's Diary

Mohammad Shafia (center), flanked by
first wife Rona Amir, and second wife Tooba Yahya

Diaries kept by Rona Amir Shafia before her death were presented as evidence in the case against Mohammad, Tooba, and Hamed Shafia. The slain woman's writings paint a grim picture of what life was like inside the Shafia home before a cold, calculated murder plot was enacted to punish Rona, Zainab, Sahar, and Geeti for their perceived crimes against the family's "honour."

An excerpt:

"Some time later one day Tooba told Sahar to come and peel some potatoes. Sahar told her sister Geeti to go and bring the potatoes. Tooba said [to Sahar], "You bootlick and fawn on others but will not come [to do my bidding]." She summoned Sahar to her and gave her a tongue lashing.
Later, Sahar come home and mixed the medicine Paizin, which is found in handbags for preservation, in some water and drank it. When I came home and saw what had happened I was very upset. I slapped myself and said, "Why do you want death? Why did you take medicine [to commit suicide]?"
Her mother said, "She can go to hell. Let her kill herself."
I said, "Why should she kill herself? Why did you give her to me in the first place? I don't want this to happen."
She said, "This will be the last day for you here."
I said, "You Paghmani, you can't kick me out. You are one wife of his, I am another."
She said, "You are not his wife, you are my servant."
Later Shafie came and I went to bed. The following morning Tooba had told him everything. Shafie was furious at me. I told him everything that had happened since Dubai. I said, "What is it that I am to blame for? What have I done?"
I saw that Shafie calmed down and went back. After a couple of days Shafie sat me down and proceeded to preach to me, telling me that I should try to get along with Tooba. He put the blame on me, even though I was innocent. Each and every time since Tooba entered our family, Shafie has sided with her, even when no blame attached itself to me. This sort of injustice I cannot put up with anymore.
I was so frustrated. I used to wander in parks and cry. When I returned home no one would speak with me except for Geeti and Sahar, furtively, when their mother was not there. It was very painful for me, very difficult. She wouldn't allow any of the children to sleep in my room. I always had to go out to call my family in order to calm down. Then I used to come back and prepare something for myself to eat.
Tooba and I would not speak to each other for some 5-6 months. Then one day, when it was my birthday, Tooba bought a cake and sent it to me by the hand of her daughter and I went to her to thank her. Thus, we reconciled.
The night before, IDENTITY PROTECTED had made us reconcile but we still wouldn't speak with each other. At this juncture, I told Tooba everything, how life was so difficult for me here, and expressed the hope that she would help me. She promised me that she would."
Source: CBC News

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