Friday, June 1, 2012

Police "Sure" Magnotta is in France... or not.

Magnotta strikes his best Vanilla Ice pose

According to recent news from the Associated Press, senior French officials reported earlier today they are "sure" that Luka Magnotta is in France; he is said to have left Montreal on May 26 destined for Paris. 

The entire world now seems to be watching and waiting while the authorities scramble to scoop up the man suspected of slaying, filming, cannibalizing, and committing acts of necrophilia on a Chinese exchange student who has now been identified as Lin Jun. Jun is reported to have been in a relationship with Magnotta while attending Concordia University. He was 33 years old.

After the murder, Magnotta is believed to have posted an edited video of the killing online, and shipped out  some parts of the victim's body via Canada Post. The remainder of the body was dumped in the trash about a block from where the murder occurred, and the grisly deposit might have gone undiscovered if it hadn't been inexplicably left behind by trash collectors in the area.

Law enforcement officials are being fiercely criticized for reportedly ignoring numerous tips related to the video which is believed to be a true account of the final, agonizing moments of Jun's life. A Montana Lawyer named Roger Renville made a number of calls before the story broke to various Canadian police branches, telling them about a disturbing clip he had seen online. He indicated that he believed the video showed someone being murdered, and implored them to investigate. Renville claims that none of his calls were taken seriously by police, and that he was referred instead to Crime Stoppers. 

Update (June 1, 2012) --> Okay, so maybe he's not in France! Latest reports suggest Magnotta may have already returned to Canada under an assumed identity. 

According to Cmdr. Ian Lafrenière:

"All I can tell you know is that he left Montreal [and] he may have returned under another identify but we’re engaged in a worldwide search (...) We don’t know exactly which identity he used to travel. He has three different ones."

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