Monday, June 4, 2012

Luka Magnotta Caught

Luka Magnotta arrested this morning in Berlin

Internet cafe employee Kadir Anlayisli spotted
Magnotta reading about himself online

German newspaper Bild was the first to report that Luka Magnotta had been arrested, apparently at an Internet cafe, in Berlin.  At this point, it really seems to be official: the sick piece of shit who has been dubbed the "Canadian Psycho" by international media has been netted.

IMHO, this idiot doesn't even deserve a long, slow roast in the penitentiary; half-assed praying to whichever god is listening for a wayward bullet finds his scull on the way to court...

Update: June 4, 2012 @ 3:15 PM

Kadir Anlayisli is being lauded as a hero for bringing Magnotta to the attention of the authorities. Anlayisli is an employee of the Helin Internet Cafe in Neukölln; he spotted Magnotta at one of the computer terminals viewing material about himself and immediately notified local authorities. 

Seven police officers entered the cafe and demanded that Magnotta identify himself. After a few half-hearted attempts at providing a fake alias, Magnotta surrendered without further incident, reportedly acknowledging: 

"You got me."

Well, Luka -- bye bye for now! Looking forward to seeing you real soon in court, and after that, I'm sure you'll find the Lake of Fire to your liking.

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National Post (June 4, 2012)


  1. Hands down, one of the worst videos to hit the internet in years; if not ever. To call this guy "insane" is an understatement.

  2. I agree, Rahul. However, I don't think that there is any chance whatsoever that Magnotta will be found "not criminally responsible," he knew precisely what he was doing, and I believe he relished his time at the centre of our collective consciousness.

    Methinks I sense a "Dangerous Offender" designation on the horizon, which would mean he could be kept in prison indefinitely (like Paul Bernardo).

  3. "Canadia Psycho"... Im sure that this was not his first murder. I saw the video and he really knew what he was doing. He sliced the guy up like a butchers handcraft - that was not his first kill.

    gotta hand it to the guy though - the way he planned his actions - he wasn´t just killing - he wanted to make his own legacy.

    Starting with the Kitty-Videos, to sending the body parts to canadian politicians - thats the way to get the medias attention. Once the net got tighter - he pulled a hattrick that would make him world famous... post the video online and watch it spread like wildfire - every news agency wanted in on the story. He knew he couldnt flee for long - and I think he wanted to be caught. I expect a few more suprises from this guy - I think he will admit to more murders or acts of violence. And he will take all the blame, he will be proud and once in jail - he will probably kill himself. Lol... just imagine a former gay pornstar in jail - I hope he gets raped to death in his eye-socket. sick Fuck...

  4. Very interesting comments -- thanks, Anon! Now that The Powers That Be are in possession of Magnotta's DNA (or soon will be), I'm sure they'll have computers running at full capacity checking to see what other evil deeds this freak might have been involved with.

  5. I dont think he killed him i think it was someone who hated him and looked alot like him, and he went to another country to escape him in fear
    And if it turns out he did do it, well he is still 100% sexy in my eyes and truley a beautiful free openminded person, i wish i woulda found him beforehand and made him happy because nobody else seemed to care about him

  6. Anon: two comments...

    1) I think Magnotta cared far too much about himself to leave room for anyone else's feelings. A violent narcissist.

    2) If this is what you really think, you may wish to consider seeking help.