Friday, April 27, 2012

(Handwritten) Jail House Love Letters

(Remington, Zickefoose)

Three days after the grisly murder of her family, on April 26, Runaway Devil wrote the following jail house love letter to Jeremy Steinke:

Never has a person affected me so much. Always will there be something missing without you with me. My lawyer tells me we're ledgends. Ha, closer to immortality it would seem. Monday I'm being moved to Calgary *sadness*. I need to stay in contact.

(Remington, Zickefoose)

Two days after receiving her letter, on April 28, Jeremy replied:

Dear Jaxz,
I love you more than life, it's self. I've added you to my visitors list so once your released please visit after. Never forget how much I care or that I love you. We can keep visiting each other til we can be together again. Without you this life isn't worth living. *kisses* The thought of being with you is all that is helping me stay some what sane. We shall be 2 gether again I promise. Stay true to your promises and I shall to mine. Casey continues to lie. I wish I could hold u right now. Stay strong and continue to write me please . . . I need you. I love you, I miss you! *kisses* xoxoxo
your lover Jeremy 
p.s. U said you want to get engaged? Then here's a Q . . . Will u marry me? If so, then it is a verbal agreement. 

Runaway Devil said "yes."  They continued to pass notes to one another until police determined they had obtained enough evidence against the pair, and simply quit playing carrier pigeon to the self-styled natural born killers.

Jeremy's final letter to his young girlfriend was never delivered.


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