Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Luka Magnotta Arraigned; Pleads Not Guilty

Luka Magnotta arrives in Montreal flanked by police officers

Last night, I watched the eerily silent footage of Luka Magnotta stepping forth from a military jet (chartered just for him) and making his way across the tarmac toward an unmarked police van. 

The man who was recently the focus of an international manhunt appeared calm, relaxed, and perhaps even a   bit smug as he was led toward the waiting vehicle. Physically, he looked nothing like the globe-trotting playboy he fancies himself to be; dressed casually in dark jeans, white sneakers, and a puke green shirt. Presumably, he has been denied access to his make-up kit, for the acne scars he has always taken great pains to hide appeared splashed across his cheeks, which afforded an even more boyish appearance to the accused killer. 

Magnotta appeared in a Montreal courtroom via video link today, and pled not guilty to the numerous charges against him -- including the first-degree murder of Concordia University student Jun Lin. He is expected to be back in court (again via video) this Thursday to discuss a motion for psychiatric evaluation.

CBC News is hosting a live Twitter feed featuring updates on court proceedings, including photos of the bonafide media circus surrounding the court house.

The Canadian military jet that carried Magnotta
and his police handlers home to Montreal


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