Saturday, June 16, 2012

Leslie Erin Mahaffy

Leslie Erin Mahaffy
July 5, 1976 ~ June 16, 1991

Rest in peace


  1. What a sweet looking girl. Would have had the chance to be a wonderful young lady had it not been for those two psychopaths. Human nature never ceases to surprise.

  2. I agree, Anon. Such a waste of vitality, and an absolute trauma for her poor family. She and her brother were very close.

    I think I stopped being surprised after this case, and the way it was handled. For an entire province to spend years hunting for the killers only to reward one of them with a "star witness" badge was just... Wow. It left me feeling cold, like we hadn't a hope in hell of ever achieving justice on this earth.

  3. I love her
    She is a very beautiful girl
    I'm a fan of Leslie
    RIP Leslie
    From Russia