Friday, June 22, 2012

Finding Karla

The Canadian media was ablaze yesterday with news that a journalist by the name of Paula Todd had managed to track down convicted serial killer accomplice extraordinaire Karla Homolka in her new home country of Guadaloupe. Todd has published a report of her encounter with Canada's most-hated woman in an e-book, Finding Karla, which is available through Kobo Books at the bargain basement price of $2.99.

I, for one, will not be purchasing a copy. While the byline is enticing: How I Tracked Down an Elusive Serial Child Killer and Discovered a Mother of Three, it is representative of what I already knew, and have known for some time now (courtesy of Watching Karla Homolka). Paula Todd merely did what nobody else within the subculture cared to do; she bought herself a plane ticket and travelled to the Caribbean in the hopes of catching a glimpse of wolf in sheep's clothing.

From what I can tell, Ms. Todd sleuthed out her target using information that has been readily available through the Internet for quite some time. She took a chance that the detective work undertaken by concerned online watchdogs was correct -- and it was -- and now she's selling her "story," and has priced it to clear! 

Even if her report contributes absolutely nothing to the broader discussion, Todd stands to make a tidy profit. My own blog statistics prove that, in spite of what some may like us to believe, Karla Homolka is still very much an attention-getter; interest in this enigmatic woman (my own included) seems to have no end.

Todd claims to have spoken briefly with Homolka (aka Leanne Bordelais) in her home, and even observed her interactions with the three small children she has with partner Thierry Bordelais. The two women engaged in a brief interview before Mr. Bordelais interjected, and Homolka cut the discussion short:

"Nobody cares, and everything I’ve said is off the record."

Todd has said that, in the interest of protecting the safety of Homolka's children, she has elected not to publish the exact address. However, given the fact that, by way of her e-book, she has confirmed that online reports on her current whereabouts are true, anyone with the desire to find her can probably manage the task easily enough; just look for the mailbox that's marked "Leanne Bordelais."

I will save my 3 bucks and stick to online sleuthing, as opposed to real-life stalking.


  1. Awww... Kitty it really was a good read. $2.99 well spent. It cost Paula some money to go there afterall!

    Yes the author took some poetic license and made it seem like her sleuthing found Karla. Those who don't follow Karla will fall for it hook, line and sinker. I know better but still really enjoyed a peek at her life and her displeasure of being found.

    I discovered that I can "loan" the book from my Kindle once...FREE I have an offer already out but if that doesn't pan out do you want it?


    1. Hi, Timmy! Perhaps you are right, and I should not have been so quick to judge. If you still have a copy available, I would be interested in reading it :)

  2. Kitty .... why so CATTY? You might want to read the excellent book before you rip the author. She is a solid investigative journalist and worked hard. You falsely misquoted her. Just not cool, babe .. you arent the only one allowed to follow this story.
    This is from the Kindle Single version (blog says this wasnt meant to be full book.) We follow your blog and the Barbie Killer on line a lot. The info the writer used timmy was not mentioned in any blog anywhere. Read the book ... it is all in there, dude
    I know how to lift too ... ok .... HERE IS THE ACTUAL PASSAGE. but the book is totally worth the price of a cup of coffee
    HOMOLKA WAS just being her usual con artist. You are never gonna make me feel sorry for a woman who tortured and drugged and raped and killed young girls she had a good chance to SAVE. give me a break.

    "Then, she adds: “Nobody cares, and everything I’ve said is off the record.” She waves her hand back toward the past and reddens. This is the first time she has uttered the phrase “off the record.” I’m not sure whether she’s reddening because she’s been scolded for the latitude she’s already granted me, or because she knows her demand is ridiculous. I want to stay a little longer to observe the family, so I explain we could go off the record as of this moment.
    She disagrees, but instead mistakenly stammers out an affirmation that we’ve been on the record the entire time: “No, everything I said to you from now on.”
    She realizes what she’s just said and backtracks.
    “No, from the start.”
    I shake my head.
    She flares with anger. Her voice becomes hard and righteous.
    “Ah, this is the journalistic trickery that I despise.” She draws out “despise.”
    “It’s not trickery,” I say.
    She drips with contempt: “Yeah, it is. Yeah, it is.”
    I stand firm. “It’s not trickery. It’s the rule of the profession.”
    She snaps back, “Oh, yeah? Where are they written?”
    “In every manual. ”
    Then, I remember she was baptized a Catholic, and, therefore, her confessions to a priest are considered highly confidential and usually won’t be repeated to the outside world. “It’s not always written that a priest can’t speak, but a priest doesn’t speak,” I say.
    She snaps back: “Until you say not to speak.”
    Again, no sense there. I ask for clarification. “What are you saying?”
    She stumbles again. “Because . . . everything . . . uh, uh.”
    Tongue-tied, she knows enough to stop. “Well, I’m not saying anything now.”

    ... Kitty ... this writer was let by homolka to stay more than an hour. If you are suggesting she is lying that's just low probably illegal too, The book has given alot of us worried people really good answers to the deep concerns tons of Canadians have. No reason to be hard on someone who is -- like you -- trying to understand the mind of the deviant criminals around us.
    Chill, Kitty Cat

    1. MysteryReader: I'll chill if you chill. Dealio? :)

      First and foremost, I don't believe I ever suggested that the author of this book was lying about anything. I fully and completely believe that she found Karla using information that has been available online (for some time) to pinpoint her precise location. I do not dispute this.

      The issues I have with Ms. Todd's "investigative journalism" is that it kinda feels like stalking to me, and I don't want to have any part of that.

      While I feel that it's important for concerned citizens to know (generally) where she is and what she is doing with her life post-release, I do not endorse the notion that she should be hounded at her personal residence while in the company of her three young children. Although I will always be curious, because I truly despise her for what she did, I don't feel that her kids deserve the danger that this kind of guerilla journalism subjects them to.

      I certainly would never suggest that people should feel sorry for Karla Homolka, because I don't. Personally, I think she quickly got herself pregnant in an attempt to blanket herself from continued media and public scrutiny. However, I don't think that her children are any less valuable to humankind simply because they happen to be hers. I honestly believe that all three of them will come to know who their mother really is, with or without the help of people like Paula Todd showing up on their doorstep.

      Of course, if Karla were still prancing around the streets of Ontario, I might be inclined to feel somewhat differently, but so long as she appears to be making a concerted effort to stay out of our faces I think showing up at her house is excessive and rather creepy.

      Will I keep telling people to stay away from her online diaper store? Yes! Will I continue to spread the word that she is trying to make a living as a teacher? You bet! Will I ever drop by her home to see if she'll talk to me? A big, resounding "no."

  3. Paula Todd is a STALKER.

    Karla's out of jail. She's not murdering anyone.
    Paula's pursuit of Karla is plain wrong. It's outright harassment and invitation to lynching.

    Karla's raising her three kids. Living quietly in seclusion.
    Beats me how she'll explain her past to her kids,
    but that's Karla's business,
    not Paula's or mine.

    1. I tend to agree, Anon. As foul as I find Karla Homolka to be, I don't think that any good can or will come out of invading her personal space; especially given that it's half a world away from where she caused so much pain.

      Do I think she's entitled to all the very best things that life has to offer? Not a chance, which is why I will continue to post my scathing commentary on her; stopping short of actually travelling to Guadeloupe to tell her what a dirty skank I think she is.

      I am not boarding the Forgiveness Train; it's more than I am not interested in endangering the lives of any more kids. Three girls are already dead because of her.

  4. Karla should be stalked every single day for the rest of her life, Anon^^
    She has gotten away lightly for her crimes and even if she's 'atoned' by becoming a mommy or righteous quiet woman she still deserves to complete her just punishment.
    So please do NOT victimize the perpetrator here!

  5. But look... She does have 3 children... She has to properly feed them, pay for their education, medical/dental care and everything else children (and teenagers) need; clothing, entertainment, trips, classes of all kinds etc. I do not believe her husband should pay for it all!

    In order to do so, Karla needs to work! Selling those diapers and teaching are ways for her to come up with that kind of money! I'd much rather have Karla do this for dough than partake in fraud and any other type of criminal and illegal venture.

    Those diapers she sells are totally ecological, economical and of high quality. Karla wrote somewhere it's her version of the perfect reusable diaper, meaning it's probably the best diaper parents could get their children. Keep in mind proceeds go to her three innocent children, not just her and her hubby.

    As for teaching, since she does have 3 minor children at home, some of which are very young, I would not think she'd represent any danger to children at any school she'd work for. However, I believe she should be monitored.

    Melissa Huckaby, that Sunday school teacher, had her own daughter but still raped and killed her daughter's friend, eight year-old Sandra Cantu, in a church! I just read Melissa got life in prison without parole two years ago.

    It's not that I care that much about Karla Homolka... I mostly care about the welfare of her children that are completely innocent.

  6. Arckangel: I'm not sure how Karla having kids automatically equates to Karla not being dangerous. She's not about to do anything to harm her own children; she has always been very protective of what she considers to be hers. So protective, in fact, that she killed her baby sister to keep her hubby's eye from straying in that direction.

    You sure seem to know a lot about her diapers; are you a client, or a friend perhaps? Or do you just eat up everything you are told?

  7. Arckangel is a simpleton, to put it nicely. Who cares how Homolka pays for her kids. She is the selfish idiot who chose to have them knowing her past & what she has to face in the future - relentless hounding. She uses their aunt & attorney Sylvie Bordelais to navigate the legal system even still. May Homolka & her children rot. I tell everyone to boycott her website BebeDouceur. Homolka should be working as a prostitute in some back guttter slum. That's the life she deserves. RIP Leslie Mahaffy & Kristen French, your killer will receive her justice someday.

    1. "Homolka should be working as a prostitute in some back guttter slum."


  8. Two of Karla Hokolka's children's names are Aurelie & Noah Bordelais. Just FYI. She had it posted all over BabyCenter & her website BebeDouceur. Her sister Lori aka Logan Valentini has photos of their smiling family all over MySpace. Wonder how they're going to explain how "auntie Kar" brutally raped & murdered auntie Tammy. "Oh I know, it was all Bernardo's fault b/c he made her do it.." What a stupid family.

  9. Ya I envision ten years from now Karly Curls will be turning tricks in some back alley slum with Honey Boo Boo Child yelling "holler for a dollar!!!!"

  10. I hope journalists, the media show up at her doorstep every 2-5 years. She needs to know she's being watched/ followed. Also,I hope someone exposes her true identity in front of her kids, before she has the chance to brainwash them w/ her version of events. I hope people are watching her in Guadeloupe. There is nothing wrong with "stalking" a serial killer. She deserves to be stalked just like she did to her victims. How many girls did she lure to be raped? Too many to count. It wouldn't hurt my feelings to find out Karla was brutally raped, tortured & murdered. In fact, the world would rejoice at news of her death. I really hope someone catches up to her someday.

  11. I wish someone would hurry up & kill her already.

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