Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mad Craziness at Magnotta Hearing

Handout Photo, Reuters

Before he stood accused in the grisly murder of Concordia University student Jun Lin, Luka Magnotta was the sort of person who would do just about anything to get attention or to be noticed. At present, he is appearing daily in a Montreal court for a preliminary hearing which will ultimately determine whether there is enough evidence against him to proceed with a trial that could begin as early as next month, and his desire to be notice appears not to have changed.

Since his request for a closed hearing was denied, perhaps he has decided to explore the other end of the spectrum and really give us all something to talk about? 

On the hearing's opening day, Magnotta glanced over his shoulder to look at Jun Lin's father, Diran Lin, which sent the poor man rushing out of the courtroom in tears. 

Media outlets have been reporting that the accused killer has dropped the emotionless, unreadable stance he had previously presented at court in favour of something decidedly more dramatic:

Magnotta, 30, seldom looked at the screen above the prisoner's box, which was broadcasting the video evidence. Instead, he kept a curled hand over his mouth and repeatedly appeared to wipe his eyes.
Specifics of the evidence presented is under a temporary publication ban.
When the presentation was over, the court guard asked for a five-minute recess, and Magnotta collapsed to the floor.
Source: Sun News Network

The article sourced above went on to say that Mr. Lin was not present to view the evidence, I can only assume that the video in question is the abhorrent home movie depicting the atrocities committed against the 33 year old student that was posted on the Internet for the killers' own sick glorification. 

Magnotta has "fans" now, too. One man who has been a front-row fixture at the hearing told a reporter that he had travelled all the way from Raleigh, North Carolina to "see him in person." For what it's worth, the man bears a notable resemblance to the accused killer -- who raised a shackled hand to wave at his American doppelgänger while he was being led out of court on Monday.

Keeping a killer's fans from meeting their bloody idol would have been the one and only reason I would have approved a closed hearing; the fact that he's clearly still boosting his ego with the violent death of an innocent quite frankly leaves me struggling to suppress the urge to puke.

"This hearing and the upcoming case is not a show, entertainment or platform for fame for the accused or any of the weirdos he draws in. It's about justice. Justice for Jun."
Source: Sun News Network 

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  1. Wont be long before he fades into obscurity like Bernardo.

    He really makes me sick. Scarier that he has "fans". It takes a sick fuck to admire a sick fuck.

    1. Isn't that just lovely? I get that Magnotta was kind of a misfit, and that those who are drawn to him probably feel like misfits themselves, but there are far FAR better things to do with one's time and purpose than following around soon-to-be convicted killers.

      Admittedly, I spend a fair amount of time delving into dark places, but it's certainly not because I identify with with any of these maniacs or want to offer them my support. Quite the contrary, in fact.

  2. I miss your blog. Just saying. Timmy