Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kayla Bourque Paroled

Update: January 10, 2012 @ 7:00 PM

I have chosen to revise portions of this post after much careful consideration.

It is suggested in Bourque's parole order that she may attempt to access the Internet (which she is forbidden to do), and also that she is known to have an interest in violent criminals and  serial killers. If this is true, and she does access the Internet -- in violation of her conditions -- it would seem likely that she may decide to 'Google' herself.

Kayla, if there is even the most remote chance that you are reading this... 

This doesn't have to end in ruin. All eyes are on you now, you won't get away with anything. Life has so much to offer an intelligent (so I've read) and beautiful (so I've seen) girl such as yourself. 

Life is precious, and freedom is priceless. Personally, I wouldn't give mine up for anything.

Now, here's the (mostly) original post:

Former Prince George, British Columbia resident Kayla Bourque has been released on probation in Vancouver following a seven-month incarceration in connection with the brutal slaying of her family pets. The 23 year old woman was taken into custody via the Mental Health Act after she confessed to a fellow criminology student at Simon Fraser University her fondness for torturing animals and murder fantasies.

During the execution of a search warrant at her residence, police found video evidence of her torturing and killing the family dog and cat, along with a suspected "kill kit" containing a knife, razor blade, mask, hypodermic needle, and three large garbage bags. Psychologists who met with Kayla in jail describe her as a sexual sadist and narcissist with an anti-social personality disorder and sociopathic tendencies with a high risk of re-offending.

She is reported to have admitted that she planned on killing someone by the time she turned 40, and that she had been studying criminology in order to "get away with something" someday. She said that she had thought about killing on numerous occasions, including a homeless person and a drunken fellow SFU student.

Kayla's parents, who adopted her from a Romanian orphanage when she was only 8 months old, have made it clear they do not want the convicted criminal to return home, fearing her escalating violent behaviour. No shit!

So... what happens now? Given that she has served her sentence pertaining to the animal cruelty and weapons charges, she cannot be detained further. Her exhaustive three-year probation order contains nearly 50 restrictions and is set to be reviewed in three months.

The British Columbia Ministry of Justice took the rare step of issuing a public warning upon Kayla's release:

Twenty-three-year-old Kayla Bourque has an escalating criminal history. She has offended violently against both people and animals and is considered high risk to re-offend. 
She has been convicted of causing unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to animals, wilfully and without lawful excuse killing animals and possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose. 
Bourque is described as 5”4’ tall and 130 pounds. She is slender with brown eyes, and black hair. 
She plans on living in Vancouver. 
Bourque is subject to close monitoring by authorities and 46 court-ordered conditions including:

  • Not to leave residence between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. daily seven days a week except: (a) for the purposes of obtaining emergency medical treatment; and (b) and except with the prior written permission of a Probation Officer.
  • Not to associate with any person under the age of 18. 
  • Not to attend any public school, parks, playgrounds, or public swimming pools, or areas adjacent to the swimming pools or any other locations where it can reasonably be expected that persons under the age of 18 are likely to be present 
  • Not to possess any computer or device or telecommunication device capable of accessing the internet. 
  • Not to access to any social networking sites. 
  • Attend, participate in, and complete the BC Corrections Branch core programs. 
  • Attend and participate in psychiatric/psychological assessments, counselling or educational programming as may be directed and to the satisfaction of a Probation Officer. 
  • Immediately advise Probation Officer of any close, intimate, familiar, or familial relationships and refrain from continuing such a relationship until that person has been advised of criminal record and background in the presence of a Probation Officer. 
  • Not to engage in any areas of study, employment, or volunteer work involving contact with any animals or any vulnerable person which includes but is not limited to the elderly, person under the age of 18, the infirmed, or persons with physical or mental disabilities. 
  • Not to attend any college or university or enrol in any post secondary courses 
  • Not to possess any weapons as defined in the Criminal Code of Canada including firearms, imitation firearms, ammunition, crossbows, or explosive substance, or any related authorization, licenses, permits, or registration certificates in relation to those. 
  • Not to possess any knives or other bladed instruments except for the immediate preparation and consumption of food, for the actual course of lawful employment and only at the sites of such employment. 
  • Prohibited from owning, having custody or control of, or residing in any premises where animals or birds are present. 
  • Not to attend any campus or property occupied by Simon Fraser University including any adjacent parking lots or student residences. 

If anyone sees her in violation of any of the above conditions, you are asked to call your local police agency.

Ironically, nobody will be warned when Runaway Devil is released back into the herd, although she was convicted of three counts of manslaughter. Because she was under age at the time of her arrest and conviction, her identity is (and shall remain) protected under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.


  1. Couldn't agree with more. Hang in there Kayla.

  2. From a medical/treatment perspective, this case serves as an opportunity to put popular science to the test; what difference will the identification of some of the challenges she faces and subsequent intervention make in this complex case?

    Criminal and psychological profilers alike have struggled for years to develop profiles designed to prevent potential predators from doing harm; in this case, it feels as though the "system" is incapable of anything other than waiting for her to fail. It's almost painful to watch; the mental health system has been decimated in this country, and we are left with a fatally flawed justice system.

    1. Profiles have been developped... Look up Dr. Robert D. Hare. The problem is not just out there in Lalaland... The problem is in the power seats who control these psychopaths. There is no waiting for her to fail...They know exactly what she will do as THEY are the ones TRIGERRING her! Wake up people! Realize who are the real controllers... Psychopaths all work together and protect each other... until they are not needed anymore... then they are either suicided... accidented... or left to die in some psychiatric institution... read here "laboratory". Same as in the scum within Pedo rings.High up power seats are controlling this;

  3. "it feels as though the "system" is incapable of anything other than waiting for her to fail. It's almost painful to watch; the mental health system has been decimated in this country, and we are left with a fatally flawed justice system."

    I dunno, after spending some time investigating different facets of it, I'm starting to believe that "the mental health system has been decimated" isn't necessarily such a bad thing. It's the mental health system, after all, who like to preach that 'there is good in everyone', and that anyone who has fears or anxieties are like that because they are paranoid or otherwise delusional, or 'overly sensitive'.

    The mental health system can't treat psychopaths or sociopaths imo because, for the most part, they refuse to acknowledge that they exist. Sometimes (frequently more than sometimes) bad things - VERY bad things - happen to some people through no fault of their own, AND likewise there are very VERY bad people out there that every decent human would be well advised to be properly on guard against. For instance, you see a 'lost', petite young blond woman in a church parking lot, asking for directions. Every one of those things is a loaded cliche designed to indicate that this is a 'safe' person, and to convince targets to lower their guard &/or override their gut feelings of potential danger. But you will NEVER hear the mental 'health' system saying that. Well, occassionally by MH professionals who've gone rogue, but they don't last long. For instance, the doctor who coined the term 'Munchausen by Proxy' and proved it beyond any reasonable doubt by working with law enforcement and placing hidden cameras in their pediatric hospital rooms (only for suspected cases, and led by the police). Dr. Meadow I believe his name was. He got drummed out of his profession, and his substantial contributions to his field got written out of the literature.

    I once read an article (by a lawyer I believe it was - possibly a retired judge) who said that the intrusion of the mental "health" system into our courts has by and large subverted justice in our country and is overturning centuries of legal precedent.

    The mental health system in this country, such as it is, generally makes a living feeding off the suffering of victims of bad people, and keeping them disempowered by telling them that their fears are all in their heads, whilst simultaneously doing nothing for (or with) the people who might actually commit harm - regardless of whether it is by insanity or intention.

    It seems the courts are now following their example. Combine that with a 'judicial policy' of sticking our heads in the sand and doing nothing more than absent-mindedly looking about and whistling until yet another victim is assaulted (or worse), and it seems both our present mental health system and our courts are victim-fabrication machines.

    1. You make some valid and interesting points here, and while I agree on some levels, I also think you've made some sweeping generalizations about mental health care which aren't entirely fair.

      As a result of the state of Canada's mental health system, such as it is, our courts and prisons are overloaded with cases and prisoners who don't belong there but end up there because of the utter lack of alternatives. We have a mountain of "science" which tells us what we should be doing, but nothing comes for free -- especially health care. IMO, because of the stigma attached to mental illness, it has never been a "sexy" issue worthy of the attention of our politicians time or our taxpayers' money.

      As for the mental health system's interactions with the justice system, I'm not sure that I see it as "intrusion," as I've seen the psy-sciences both over and under-utilized in the courts. For example, Karla Homolka's case turned into somewhat of a psychological circus when in reality psychology had little if anything to do with the case. In the more recent case against Nicole Doucet Ryan, we've recently learned that extensive psychological assessment was performed (and painted a questionable portrait of her and the claims she had made) and yet it never saw the light of day in her counselling to commit murder trial.

      If anything, I would say that the court system uses the mental health system to its own end and not the other way around.

      Ashley Smith never should have been in prison, PERIOD. Unfortunately, people like her don't have anywhere else to go but jail within the confines of our current infrastructure.

      Kayla Bourque, on the other hand, presents more cause for concern IMO and yet she was released with a list of conditions she's essentially bound to violate, and then she'll go to jail -- but only for as long as they are legally allowed to hold her. Providing she doesn't act out as Ashley did, she will experience the revolving door effect.

  4. Is she appealing these conditions of probation?

    I'm not defending her at all, but it seems as though she may very well have a case re violation of her civil rights.

    1. They do seem to violate her civil rights. Is it true that Karla Holmolka, an admitted accessory to the murder of real human children actually got a degree while in prison, but Kayla Bourque is not even to attend a college course while on probation? And why these restrictions involving public places like pool and parks - did she commit an actual crime involving minors. I don't see how this could help Kayla straighten out in any way. The conditions not only seem harsh, impossible to adhere to, but isolating, which could also not be good for her mental health.

    2. Yes, she had a charge that was related to child pornography that was stayed.

  5. She has a juvie record for attempted murder she brags about on social media. She is mainly interested in killing little kids which is why she got this brutal probation. There is nothing redeemable about this girl if we were talking about some psycho male kiddy killer you'd be breaking out the noose. She isnt very intelligent judging by her constant need to tell everybody about her criminal plotting. If she was smart she would just go onto banking and be a merciless CEO then go find consenting masochists to enact her weirdo fantasies instead of trying to go to prison for life and harming defenseless animals. There are plenty of people into her blood drinking and sado kink, no reason to do it illegally and hurt little kids

    1. Derp, I should add she wants to kill kids because she's too small and weak to handle anything else which is why they caught her with a syringe. She has very bad self control I imagine she will end up in a psych ward forever unless she can figure out basic impulse control. I learned all this by aggregating all her social media posts with a simple greyhat python script. Inflated ego plus no self control is her main problem. The wacked out nutjob fantasies are no big deal so long as you don't act on them